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Hello and Happy New Year....if you have just landed on this post from our sister web site - congratulations. While we work on the web site we will use this page to help you find the modular building, portable classroom, mobile office trailer or any other type of modular space you may want to rent or buy.

Thanks again and feel free to call me (Matt Banes) directly for help finding the modular space you need. Toll free (800) 806-7485 or use the Compare Price Quote tool and find a great deal today.

Nov 10, 2017

Before you "click" for prices call me...

Used modular classroom
Learn how to be a smart modular classroom customer.
Shopping online to rent or buy a modular classroom is much like shopping for a car - there are many advertisements that follow you around from web page to social media and back. In some cases these advertisements are set up by companies with no experience in designing, selling or installing modular classrooms yet they want to connect you with companies that can help you. It's the middle man model and it can waste a lot of your time and money. The difference between these services and calling me can save you a bundle of time and, in many cases help you become the ideal client for a modular classroom supplier - and this puts you in the driver's seat as a buyer.

Why me?
Well let's just say that I'm a "life time member" of the modular building business and have learned what works and what doesn't for literally every type of modular classroom project. Sharing this information with school facility managers, church administrators and daycare operators is now what I do for a living and it's rewarding to see happy modular building customers.

When you call the Modular Building Hotline (800) 806-7485 you are taking the first step to learning what you need to know before you set up a budget and begin any contract with a modular building supplier. Once we connect I will guide you through these important questions:

1. How to calculate the amount of space you need.
2. How to select the ideal site to install your modular classroom.
3. What you need to know about obtaining a permit for a modular classroom.
4. Whether to rent or purchase a modular classroom.
5. If a new modular building or used modular is best for your school or church space need.
6. How to optimize your buying power and shop for the best supplier and best price.

Give me a call...I'm here to help you "piece" together your modular classroom project!


Sep 14, 2017

About Modular Bathroom, Locker and Shower Trailers

Modular bathroom and shower trailer
Modular Bathroom, Locker, Shower

What to do when you need modular bathrooms, lockers and showers at your school or church campus...

The short answer is to buy or rent a modular building! Modular builders have been designing and building specialized prefabricated bathroom, locker and shower trailers for everything from emergencies to special events - and schools have made good use of these structures for decades. From small trailers complete with a few toilets and sinks to several thousand square foot modular structures with change rooms, lockers, showers and laundry facilities - it's hard to find a school facility need that hasn't been met with a modular building.

Sep 1, 2017

Used Modular Building for Sale - Florida

Check out this used Modular Building in Florida! has this large 72' x 60' used modular building listed for sale in Florida. It has over 4,000 square feet of space and several other features that make it a perfect fit for a temporary operations office or even a permanent modular office building for any type of business in need of space.

Use the Free Price Quote Form below to learn more about this modular building or call Mat Banes Toll Free at (800) 806-7485 for help with this model or to learn about other available prefabricated modular structures anywhere in the United States or Canada.

72x60 Modular Building 17176 Thru 17181 (Used)
72x60 (4,320 sq ft) modular building with 11 offices, 1 conference room, 2 handicap equipped bathrooms and HVAC.

Aug 31, 2017

Used Modular Office Building - 48'x60' for Rent or Purchase

A great modular office building is available!

This 48'x60' modular office building (and other models with various floor plans) is available for rent or purchase nation wide. This style of relocatable modular building is ideal for temporary or permanent office space for any type of business.

Use the form below to inquire about the specifications and get a price to rent or buy from a local modular building supplier. Options for changing the floor plan and interior/exterior finishes are available as well as having a new modular building manufactured to your specific building space needs.

Aug 27, 2017

Classroom Trailer Prices

Find a classroom trailer
Classroom Trailer 

What are the most common Classroom Trailer Prices?

Classroom trailers can come in handy when your school enrollment has increased beyond your available classroom space or if you need to accommodate students during new construction or renovation. In either case, selecting the appropriate classroom trailer models and negotiating the best possible rental rates are two important steps that can make your students and teachers transition into temporary space go smoothly or not. Here are some helpful guidelines and tips if you are planning to use one or multiple trailers this school year:

The most typical classroom trailer sizes are:

24' x 40' (960 square feet)
24' x 60' (1,440 square feet)
36' x 60' (2,160 square feet)

Although these sizes are the most common several other sizes are readily available for quick delivery and installation. Classroom trailers can be equipped with bathrooms, partition walls, kitchen areas and any other features that are required for your program. Door and window locations can be customized or you can choose from existing models to save time and money getting the space you need in place and opened for learning.

Aug 16, 2017

Modular Classrooms Finder

Modular Classrooms

An easy way to find Modular Classrooms

Finding a used or new modular classroom can be time consuming and costly. Searching for local suppliers and waiting for return calls about available models and modular floor plans was something I set out to make easier for people like you, so I created this blog ( and a web site named Both sites have helped thousands of schools, churches, and businesses of all sizes, find modular buildings and portable classrooms for temporary and permanent space needs.

If you need assistance with your modular classroom questions just fill out the price request form below and I will match your need with the most qualified and helpful suppliers in your local area. Within a few hours you should receive phone calls from super helpful people that are interested in winning your business.

Your information is secure and only used to initiate a phone call. If you feel more comfortable feel free to call me (Matt Banes) at (800) 806-7485 for nation wide modular building help. 

Aug 14, 2017

How much does a portable classroom cost in Los Angeles, California

Portable Classroom costs in Los Angeles, California 

Los Angeles county in California has thousands of portable classrooms and modular buildings in use for schools, churches and businesses - and it's been this way for decades. This means a few good things for you if you are trying to rent or buy a portable today. Use the following tips to your buying advantage:

Tip #1. There are several modular building suppliers in California that service the Los Angeles market. These companies will compete for your business so get at least three price quotes before you spend any money.

**Use the form below to send your request for a price to the most popular suppliers in California. This also works for all other U.S. States. 

Tip #2. With so many portables and modular buildings being used you will most likely find your best deal on a used structure. Check with Los Angeles Unified School District and other surrounding public and private schools to see if they have any portables to sell. Also try calling some of the larger churches in the area - sometimes you can find a great deal by going direct to the owner of the modular.

Tip #3. Consider buying a used portable over renting. Sometimes you can save thousands of dollars this way and will be free and clear to use the modular for as long as you need - and keep it available for future needs.

Find a used or new modular building at the best price today! This post was approved by the Senior Editor of,

Jul 25, 2017

24'x60' Modular Classroom

Prices for used and new modular classrooms and offices Nationwide.

Modular Classroom rental information

This month's price and floor plan requests for 24'x60' and 36'x60' modular buildings and portable classrooms picked up here and at our sister web site Several daycare center programs and private schools inquired about available floor plans and rental prices. Suppliers are currently working with these people answering questions about permits and designing floor plans to meet specific needs.

"We are in need of temporary space during renovation of our school. Modular is the only option for us unless we moved everyone off campus" stated a private school administrator from Los Angeles, California.

Rent and Purchase Price Update: Try the following Compare and Shop Smart Price Request Form. When you complete the form your request is sent to qualified local suppliers of modular buildings who will call you quickly with answers, sample floor plans, price quotes and savings when you rent or buy. Nationwide and fast!

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Jul 12, 2017

Used Modular Daycare Building For Sale - Texas

Used modular daycare calssroom building for sale in Texas and other states.

You are in luck if you are searching for a used Modular Daycare Building in Texas

Sometimes the best option is to buy or rent a used modular daycare building or portable classroom like the one on this page. The church that currently owns it contacted iModular and is eager to sell the building - and there are also many other similar modular classrooms and daycare center buildings available from churches, schools and suppliers throughout Texas if you know where and when to look.

Jul 3, 2017

How Much Does A Portable Classroom Cost in Pennsylvania?

Discounted portable classroom prices in Pennsylvania
Portable classroom in Pennsylvania

What are the costs of a modular portable classroom in Pennsylvania?

The best way to compare the going rates for portable "modular" classrooms in Pennsylvania is to use the pricing form we provide below. This form will quickly send your request to suppliers that are qualified and willing to answer your questions and provide you with price quotes for the following types of portable classrooms:

Jun 12, 2017

"Green" Modular Building Fact #1

Being "green" is a big deal in the construction business and modular buildings are ecologically friendly for more reasons than most people think. Here is"green" fact #1 about modular buildings, portable classrooms and pretty much any type of prefabricated structure that is designed for human occupancy:

Manufacturing a modular building reduces traffic and pollution
FACT #1. Modular building manufacturing facilities help reduce traffic and pollution. Simply put, when building materials are delivered to one location fewer trucks are needed. Think about a traditional general construction company that has multiple projects underway within a 200 mile radius of its office. Trucks with all types of building materials are needed to service each and every job site. Now compare that to a modular building manufacturer that can build several buildings per day in the same location. Not only is material transportation reduced but some materials can be stored for future builds which helps manufacturers stay on schedule and be less dependent on same day material deliveries.

Modular building manufacturers build green, eco friendly structures
In addition to reducing material transportation modular builders cut down on employee's vehicle usage by giving them one place to report to each day. Not only does this ease commuter traffic and fuel consumption but it makes carpooling and public transportation real possibilities. Oh, and by the way, employees seem less stressed when their commute is easy... and this always helps productivity!

Here you can find some other interesting facts about why modular buildings are green.

If you want to build green hopefully FACT #1 will encourage you to "drive" to a modular building manufacturer and take a tour of their facility.

May 25, 2017

Are permits needed for a modular building?

Modular building permit, do I need one?

Permits for modular buildings and portable classroomsMany people ask me if permits are required for modular buildings and portable classrooms and my answer is always a quick YES!

The first step you should take before you make a final decision to rent or buy a modular building is to visit your local building and safety department with a floor plan of the modular building or portable classroom you need, the address where it will be installed and a good description of how the structure will be used. Be prepared to explain your plans to one of the planners and take good notes. If all goes well you will be told that you will be allowed to use the modular building under a conditional use permit or a building permit - as long as you follow the procedures required by the city.

Here is some of the information you should be prepared to discuss:

1. Where will the modular building or portable classroom be located?
2. What will the modular be used for (classroom, office, retail)?
3. Will the modular building have plumbing, if so where will it connect to existing plumbing on the property?
4. Where will the electrical be connected?
5. Is there enough parking to accommodate employees, students, customers?
6. What are your plans for handicap access?
7. How long will the modular building be used?

If you would like to talk about permits and some 'best practices' for using a modular building feel free to give me a call. You can use the toll free Modular Building Hotline at (800) 806-7485.

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May 22, 2017

What happens when your site isn't good for a portable classroom?

I publish a few blogs about various types of modular buildings, portable classroom and other prefabricated structures. Let's just say that I like to keep people informed and "happy" when they buy any type of modular building. So, in order to share some red flags people should look for before buying or renting a used portable classroom I wrote a post earlier today on the blog. See what you think and be sure to share the article if you think it can help anyone who is considering using a portable classroom for their school or church.

Read When Using a Portable Classroom Becomes Too Expensive.

May 4, 2017

Used Modular Building Complex for Sale - Texas

Worth a look- modular building in Texas

This used modular building is listed for sale or rent in Texas. The condition is excellent and it has over 4,000 square feet of space and several other features that make it a good fit for a temporary operations office or even a permanent office building for any type of business in need of modular space. Smaller and or larger models with similar floor plans are also available and can be delivered to Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and other Texas locations.

Used modular building complex with bathrooms
Used Modular Building Complex For Sale in Waco, Texas
This large modular building with multiple private offices, handicap equipped bathrooms, and HVAC is available for purchase and can be delivered and installed for your business quickly.

Schools Sell and Donate Their Portable Modular Classrooms

Portable Modular Classrooms for Sale or Donation

This time of the year I seem to get several calls from school districts in the U.S. that want to get rid of perfectly good used portable modular classrooms. Why? So they can either move new modular classroom trailers in or they recently completed construction and no longer need the temporary portables currently on site.

For example, today I received a call from a contractor who is responsible for removing twenty-four 24' x 40' modular classrooms from a school campus in Riverside County, California and all they want is $2,000 each plus the cost of removal. A few days ago I took another call from a large church in Georgia that has a 36' x 60' modular classroom to remove- for next to nothing.

In some cases a school district or church will simply donate their modular buildings to another organization in need of space - this leaves only the costs for removal, transportation and set up. What a deal. In many other instances the portables can be purchased for a very affordable price.

Apr 27, 2017

Who Needs OSHA Stairs?

OSHA approved trailer and modular building steps, stairs.
Metal OSHA Trailer Stairs

Are you searching for OSHA stairs for your modular building or steps for your trailer?

Finding a set of OSHA approved steel or aluminum stairs for a modular building, mobile office trailer, construction field office or mobile home can be tricky - especially since this is not something you need to buy that often. Before you contact a supplier do this:

1. Take some basic measurements from the bottom of your door to the ground and the width of the door or opening.

2. Decide which way you want the steps to exit and how you want the handrails configured.

3. If you can take some photos of the modular building structure or trailer and doors these will help the supplier get your order correct.

4. Use the Quick Price Quote Comparison form below to get the best prices and fastest delivery of any type of steps for a mobile modular building, office trailer, portable classroom, storage trailer or mobile home.

How much should a modular classroom cost? Question and Answer.

Cost to rent or buy a used modular classroom
Get a price today.

What is the approximate cost of a Modular Classroom?

Question from a reader: My school is searching for a new modular classroom (portable) for twenty-five students and we wanted to get the best possible price for a long term rental. Our needs are simple - open classroom big enough for desks and some tables, two doors and a handicap ramp. I searched the web for modular classroom trailers and made some calls and it seems like prices are expensive from company to company. Any ideas?

Find California Used Portable Classroom at Below Market Prices

How about a used portable classroom in California?

Used portable DSA classrooms for sale, prices.
Typical used portable classrooms in
storage facility in California.
California schools have been using portable modular classrooms to solve space needs for decades and now thousands of them are available to buy or rent. The typical California DSA (Division of the State Architect) classroom is 24' x 40' and has 960 square feet of open teaching space. These models come equipped with heat and air conditioning, carpet or tile floor finishes, tile ceiling, slider windows, doors with panic hardware and metal handicap ramps for access.

* Remember that a used portable may look a bit shabby at first but with a fresh coat of paint and some cleaning it can be nicely converted into looking like new.

Here are a few tips if you are in the market for classroom space and want to save some money:

Apr 20, 2017

Modular School Building Checklist

Modular school building for your school, church or daycare center
A modular school building can be a great space solution if
planned, built and installed properly. 
So you are searching for a modular school building and your check list of items is growing phone call by phone call? To buy or rent any type of a modular building for a school, church or daycare is relatively easy but when it comes to student housing, safety, security and overall comfort for occupants of any educational facility, you need to do your homework.

Here is my modular school facility checklist that I have used with school facility managers and operators of school buildings for years. Feel free to use this list while you speak with your local modular school building companies, school board members and even teachers.

Modular School Building Checklist
  1. Do you know the floor plan and dimensions of the modular school building you need?
  2. Do you know where you will be able to locate the modular building on your campus or property?
  3. Is there easy access to the location on your campus or will obstacles need to be taken into consideration during the delivery and installation of the modular school building?

Customize Your Modular Building Floor Plan

Can we change the floor plan of a rental modular building to meet our specific office layout needs?

I get this question quite a bit - especially from people who need their office trailer to have a very specific number of offices, conference rooms, classrooms, bathrooms, etc., and my answer is always a simple YES!
Customizing a modular building in Texas
Customizing a modular
building is easy.

Modular office buildings are built to be modified with ease. In fact it has become common practice for modular suppliers to have in-house and sub contracted work crews just to remove and build-out customized floor plans for tenants who are either renting or buying the structure. The costs to modify the modular are usually charged up front and if the modifications are very unique there may even be a charge to remove the modifications and return the modular back to its original floor plan when the rental term is finished.

So when it's time for you to order a modular office trailer or portable classroom have a simple floor plan ready to show the supplier and don't forget to plan for furniture.

You can get a price quote and floor plans from multiple suppliers in your area by using the Price Quote Form.

Apr 19, 2017

Texas is a Buyer's Market for Modular Buildings and Classrooms

Texas is one of the top states for the use of modular buildings and portable classrooms by businesses, schools and churches. This may be the reason why I receive so many calls from people in Houston, Dallas and Austin who are looking for a good quality used modular office building or portable classroom trailer to rent or purchase at a discounted price - and there are super deals available if you know what you want and where to look.

Here are my suggestions to every caller that is serious about their need for a modular building or classroom:

1. Know your space needs! Yes, be sure that you know how much space you need, how many offices or classrooms, bathrooms, windows and doors, etc. This is very helpful article about designing your modular building. 

Modular Daycare Building is Favored by Operator

An affordable and convenient option - a Modular Daycare Building

Let's face it, if you own a childcare business designing and building a new daycare facility or school can be expensive and time consuming. This may be why more private operators, schools and churches are turning to used or new, custom designed modular daycare buildings and portable classrooms to solve space problems and meet enrollment demand in growing communities.

"I've been buying new modular buildings for our chain of daycare centers in the U.S. and am really impressed with my choice of specifications and building options offered by the modular manufacturers. It seems like modular is now a better option then traditional building," stated one private daycare operator in Miami, Florida.

"I initially used for help. Matt Banes shared some really smart design ideas, site selection advice and helped me personally save time finding the most reliable manufacturer for our most popular 48' x 60' floor plan."

If you are in the planning stage for a new facility and would like to learn everything you need to know about using a modular building feel free to call me directly at (800) 806-7485 or start by completing my online modular building information and price request form.

California Modular Classroom Availability

In the past 6 months we have helped several California based schools, churches and daycare centers rent and purchase very affordable used modular classroom buildings. It seems as if this trend is continuing in 2017 as demand for modular classroom space is growing... and as we approach spring and summer this will not stop as more schools will begin to figure out their temporary and permanent space needs.
used modular building for a school in California

What are your modular classroom or modular office space needs? Here are the top reasons why people contact us for help buying and renting modular classrooms:

1. Out of space and need modular classrooms quickly.
2. Adding new educational or daycare programs and need more space.
3. Opening a new school or daycare center and prefer modular classroom space over building new.
4. Current modular classrooms are old and need replaced.
5. School construction has caused a need to relocate students and teachers into temporary modular classroom spaces.

Apr 17, 2017

Why now is the time to buy a used portable classroom in California

Used portable classroom
Used Portable Classroom
Have you ever heard the saying "It's a Buyer's market"? Well in California this is very true if you are searching for a used portable classroom trailer for your school, church, daycare center or literally any type of business that may need space for teaching or training.

Why are the prices to buy a used portable so affordable in California? It's pretty simple - the market is huge and for decades portable classrooms have been purchased by all types of organizations that eventually no longer need the portable - or "modular" classroom trailer. When the portable is no longer! You have a great opportunity to buy it at a very discounted price. The trick is being in the know and having good timing.

This is where my services come in handy. For 26 years I have been building a network of contacts in California public school districts, large church organizations, government recreation and parks offices, and the list goes on. This group of people have come to know me a their resource for everything "portable", especially when its time to selling or relocating a used portable classroom or modular office trailer.

Apr 12, 2017

Need Space? Rent A Modular Office Trailer

It is easy to outgrow office space when demand for products and services reaches an all time high - creating a need for more space and more employees. When this happens it's not easy for commercial, government and nonprofit operations to add permanent office space because of the time and cost of construction, and often the additional space is only required temporarily. Additionally, it does not make sense to invest in high dollar construction when all that is really needed is temporary office style space. Used modular office buildings offer an excellent alternative that can fulfill a variety of business needs without a large outlay of money or a long construction timeline.
Use a modular office trailer for temporary space
Used modular office trailers on rent at an industrial facility.

Modular Office Building Fulfills Many Needs for All Types of Businesses
A mobile-modular office is a pre-manufactured building that is portable, economical and able to provide temporary or permanent space in nearly any type of configuration including bathrooms, conference areas, private offices, kitchens - even locker rooms. Business owners have many reasons for choosing to rent one or more used mobile office buildings to solve a variety of space issues. Here are some of the more common uses of modular office trailers:
  • On-site office space for construction project management and security
  • Field offices for government or nonprofit operations
  • On-site sales office space for real estate developments
  • Administrative office space for school facilities
  • Office and meeting space during remodeling and relocation projects
  • Locker, shower and toilet trailers for workers and students
  • Sales office space for new and used car dealerships
  • Office space for hospitals and medical clinics that have outgrown existing space
  • Temporary commercial space needed after an emergency such as a fire or natural disaster

Mar 12, 2017

About Using a Modular Building for a Bank

Modular buildings can be manufactured as banks and credit unions.
Modular building used as a bank branch office.

Can a bank use a modular building?

We get phone calls from banks every year and they always ask the same question..."Can we use a modular building as a branch office and are they secure structures for banking?"

Here are some facts to consider if using a modular building or other prefabricated structure is in your future. Modular buildings can be manufactured specifically for use as permanent or temporary banks or credit unions and installed in parking lots, empty properties or even used as additions to existing structures. Modular builders are typically well versed in meeting the special requirements for construction and installation of banking centers - particularly when it comes to security in a retail setting. You can request information through our online price quote form and talk to experienced modular bank builders today if you have immediate questions or want prices.

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