Aug 22, 2013

3 Reasons to Get 3 Prices for a Portable Building

Prices for portable building. Save dollars by knowing multiple price quotes for potable building
Portable Building Prices

Get Portable Building Prices from varied suppliers 

Portable modular building prices vary from supplier to supplier in the United States and many factors come into play when a price to rent or buy has been requested by a potential customer like you. Unfortunately it is very common for someone shopping for a portable to get only one price before a decision is made - this is a huge mistake if saving money is an important goal for your business.

Here are my top 3 reasons for spending some time and shopping for at least 3 price quotes from your local portable building suppliers:

1. Competition is healthy! Suppliers are familiar with competing to win an order so let them do so. Find at least three local suppliers and send your request to each of them. Be clear that you are shopping and comparing for portable building prices and watch the competition begin. You can send your portable building price request to local suppliers by clicking here.

Aug 6, 2013

Why Compare Modular Building Prices

compare modular building prices to get best price quote and save dollars
Modular Building Prices vary

What are the differences of Modular Building Prices?

Thousands of people search online for modular buildings and portable classrooms each day hoping to find the floor plan they need and the best price possible - and what they usually end up with is a lot of administrative work trying to contact suppliers. For example, a single call to a modular building company to discuss a floor plan, prices, delivery and installation can take thirty minutes or more - if you get through to a sales person on the first try. This time doesn't include calls to negotiate prices, understand the rental or purchase agreement and coordinate contract signing. Multiply this by three or four suppliers and the time really adds up unless you use an online price comparison tool.

"I rent no less than ten modulars per year for our construction job sites and don't have time to make individual calls to suppliers for prices during the bidding stage of a project. It's much easier to use and have suppliers send me their prices - I call the one with the best options," says Ron Percy a Senior Procurement and Contracts Administrator for a large engineering firm in California.

Online price comparison tools have become very popular ever since the introduction of Completing a simple and secure online form and submitting it just like sending an email takes a few minutes and the results typically save hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for any given product or service - modular buildings are no exception. In fact, the process of using an online pricing tool to rent or buy a modular building can have additional benefits beyond just finding the best price. For example, buyers will sometimes find a great supplier that they normally would have overlooked in search results because the BIG firms spent more money for the top advertising positions. By using the online pricing tool the buyer's inquiry makes its way to several suppliers regardless of their search engine advertising position. This simple process causes a subtle bidding war for the buyer's business - and everyone wins.

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Hopefully this post made it's way to the top of the search results in Google or Bing because it's helpful and timely. If so, you can start your modular building price comparison by using our online form or you can call me directly at (714) 442-2757 ext. 108 with any questions or help getting prices from modular building companies anywhere in the U.S. or abroad.

Aug 5, 2013

Price for a Modular Classroom Building in Orlando, Florida

rent, buy price for portable classroom in Orlando Florida
Modular Building Florida

What are the prices of Modular Buildings in Orlando, Florida?

The end of summer vacation is quickly approaching and some schools are scrambling to place last minute orders for portable classroom trailers in preparation for the upcoming school year. If your school or church is in the same situation this post will help you make smart buying and/or renting decisions - even if you are in a crunch for space.

How much does a portable classroom cost to rent or buy? The quick answer to this question is to get at least three or four price quotes from local suppliers around Orlando, Florida and be sure to compare apples to apples (well let's say oranges to oranges in Florida). The best way to get these quotes quickly is to either click here and use my free modular classroom price quote form or call me directly at (714) 442-2757 ext 108 (nationwide) and we'll talk about your needs and make recommendations.

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