Aug 22, 2013

3 Reasons to Get 3 Prices for a Portable Building

Prices for portable building. Save dollars by knowing multiple price quotes for potable building
Portable Building Prices

Get Portable Building Prices from varied suppliers 

Portable modular building prices vary from supplier to supplier in the United States and many factors come into play when a price to rent or buy has been requested by a potential customer like you. Unfortunately it is very common for someone shopping for a portable to get only one price before a decision is made - this is a huge mistake if saving money is an important goal for your business.

Here are my top 3 reasons for spending some time and shopping for at least 3 price quotes from your local portable building suppliers:

1. Competition is healthy! Suppliers are familiar with competing to win an order so let them do so. Find at least three local suppliers and send your request to each of them. Be clear that you are shopping and comparing for portable building prices and watch the competition begin. You can send your portable building price request to local suppliers by clicking here.

2. Suppliers have different inventories. By contacting 3 or more suppliers you actually broaden your range of portable buildings to choose from and in some cases suppliers are eager to rent or sell certain models over others. This can save you thousands of dollars and help you find the exact type of space you need.

3. Choose the supplier you feel most comfortable with. Have you ever felt as if you got stuck with poor customer service after paying a premium price? Suppliers in the portable building business are generally pretty service savvy but why not test the waters by talking to at least 3 before you buy?

I hope these tips help you save money, time and some stress. You can always call me directly if you want some assistance finding any type of modular building, portable classroom or mobile office trailer in the U.S. or abroad. Dial (714) 442-2757 extension 108.

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  1. Another tip was brought to my attention and I can't believe I over looked this. GET REFERENCES! If your portable building or modular building need involves a lot of work and expense always get at least two references and call them with questions about the supplier you are about to choose.


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