Jan 31, 2013

Modular Classroom Design

Interior picture a sample modular daycare
 classroom design

What Modular Classroom Design Should you choose?

If a school or church is going to rent or buy a modular classroom the facility managers, administrators and teachers all should play a role in the floor plan design and specification selection. Regardless of the size and configuration several design features need to be considered by anyone involved in operating or maintaining the space - particularly if the modular will be used for an extended period of time.

Here are a few helpful things to consider before you start your search for a modular classroom provider:

1. How much space is needed? Consider the age of students, if there will be a teacher and an aid and what type of furnishings will need to fit in the space.

2. Will bathrooms be needed? If so, how many for each gender and what special needs will need to be accommodated?

3. Climate control. Will the modular classroom need special heating and air conditioning for your climate zone?

4. Floor, wall and ceiling finishes. Will carpet or tile flooring be better? Will art work, dry erase and chalk boards and other teaching aids be fastened to the walls? Are acoustics important?

5. Window and door locations. Where should the entrance and exit doors be located and how will the exterior steps and handicap ramp be positioned?

6. Where is the ideal location to place the modular on your property? Consider parking, pedestrian access, utility locations and security.

Now that you are prepared to ask the right questions and request the ideal modular classroom try using this tool to search for a modular classroom supplier in your area.

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Jan 24, 2013

Mobile Changing Rooms, Locker, Bathroom, Shower Trailers

Did you know that you can install Mobile Changing Rooms in your specified area? 

This is a helpful article we just published on iModular.com about mobile changing rooms trailers and other specialty modular structures like shower, bathroom and locker units. Most major modular building and mobile office suppliers have experience with renting and selling special use structures and can help with floor planning, installation, utility connections, rental and purchase prices and other important things to consider.

Read the article here: Mobile Changing Rooms, Locker, Bathroom, Shower Trailers

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Jan 23, 2013

Modular Building and the Bottom Line | University Business Magazine

This article seems to be a good read for anyone with questions about using modular building.

Modular Building and the Bottom Line | University Business Magazine

Jan 17, 2013

Video - How Permanent Modular Buildings are Installed

Ever wondered how Permanent Modular Buildings are installed? 

Here is a quick look at how a modular building is installed on a permanent foundation using a crane and installation crew. This type of installation is very common whenever a multi-sectional modular structure is needed long term.

Each section of the modular is positioned into place according to the floor plan of the building or school. Once in place the entire structure is connected together and to the foundation - according to very specific set of plans that have been prepared by a team of structural, mechanical and civil engineers. Once the installation is complete the interior and exterior finishes are put in place, utilities are connected, access ramps and steps are installed and the structure is ready for occupancy.

Jan 10, 2013

State and National Parks Use Modular Buildings

Modular Buildings are a popular choice 

Modular buildings and mobile office trailers work well for Park facilities.
Modular Interpretive Center for a Wetlands Conservancy
State and National parks use modular buildings, mobile offices and other temporary facilities to meet short and long term space needs on a regular basis. Whether space is needed during construction or renovation or a new visitor center is needed to meet demand during peak season it seems as if modular building suppliers are able to meet the changing needs of these public facilities - regardless of the size or type of space that is required.

Prefabricated modular guard houses for Parks
Prefabricated Guard House
“We’ve used modular buildings and mobile office trailers for years whenever we needed extra office space or instead of building a traditional building. In fact several Parks and Recreation operations around the U.S. have used modular trailers for office space, visitor centers, guard houses and what not.” R.C. Shaffer, Procurement Manager

Some of the most popular uses of modular buildings by government run parks are:

Guard and Guest Welcome Centers
Administrative Office Space
Interpretive Centers
Bathroom Trailers
Shower and locker room trailers
Retail Centers

The most popular sizes of mobile office trailers and modular buildings are:

10' x 44'
12' x 60'\
24' x 44'
24' x 60'

Modular building suppliers are very capable of helping any government office select the adequate amount of space for commercial structures. Try using the iModularbuildings.com supplier price request form to obtain multiple prices and assistance from a local supplier if you are searching for space.

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Jan 3, 2013

Success Renting a Modular for Daycare Building in Austin

24' x 60' Modular classrooms make great daycare centers.
Typical 2 classroom modular building in Austin

Great Modular Building Choice in Austin

“Our daycare program was growing so fast that we needed to add space to keep up with enrollment so we decided to try a modular building. We used iModularbuildings.com to help us find local suppliers and we ended up renting a 36’ x 60’ modular classroom long term. We are very happy with the design, how the modular operates and where we were able to locate it on our property here in the suburbs of Austin, Texas.” Karen P., Fresno, California

This is always good to hear Karen and we appreciate the feedback. We have helped thousands of public and private schools solve space problems and save money renting modular classrooms. 24' x 60', 36' x 60' and 48’ x 60’ modular classrooms are very popular sizes for daycare programs. It seems as if these sizes are perfect for growing programs – you can divide them into multiple areas and have space for bathrooms, kitchen areas and plenty of furnishings.
If you are searching for a modular daycare center try using the iModularbuildings.com Free Price Quote & Buyer Assistance Form or you can call me (Matt Banes) direct for nationwide assistance at (714) 442-2757 extension 108.

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