Aug 31, 2017

Used Modular Office Building - 48'x60' for Rent or Purchase

A great modular office building is available!

This 48'x60' modular office building (and other models with various floor plans) is available for rent or purchase nation wide. This style of relocatable modular building is ideal for temporary or permanent office space for any type of business.

Use the form below to inquire about the specifications and get a price to rent or buy from a local modular building supplier. Options for changing the floor plan and interior/exterior finishes are available as well as having a new modular building manufactured to your specific building space needs.

Aug 27, 2017

Classroom Trailer Prices

Find a classroom trailer
Classroom Trailer 

What are the most common Classroom Trailer Prices?

Classroom trailers can come in handy when your school enrollment has increased beyond your available classroom space or if you need to accommodate students during new construction or renovation. In either case, selecting the appropriate classroom trailer models and negotiating the best possible rental rates are two important steps that can make your students and teachers transition into temporary space go smoothly or not. Here are some helpful guidelines and tips if you are planning to use one or multiple trailers this school year:

The most typical classroom trailer sizes are:

24' x 40' (960 square feet)
24' x 60' (1,440 square feet)
36' x 60' (2,160 square feet)

Although these sizes are the most common several other sizes are readily available for quick delivery and installation. Classroom trailers can be equipped with bathrooms, partition walls, kitchen areas and any other features that are required for your program. Door and window locations can be customized or you can choose from existing models to save time and money getting the space you need in place and opened for learning.

Aug 16, 2017

Modular Classrooms Finder

Modular Classrooms

An easy way to find Modular Classrooms

Finding a used or new modular classroom can be time consuming and costly. Searching for local suppliers and waiting for return calls about available models and modular floor plans was something I set out to make easier for people like you, so I created this blog ( and a web site named Both sites have helped thousands of schools, churches, and businesses of all sizes, find modular buildings and portable classrooms for temporary and permanent space needs.

If you need assistance with your modular classroom questions just fill out the price request form below and I will match your need with the most qualified and helpful suppliers in your local area. Within a few hours you should receive phone calls from super helpful people that are interested in winning your business.

Your information is secure and only used to initiate a phone call. If you feel more comfortable feel free to call me (Matt Banes) at (800) 806-7485 for nation wide modular building help. 

Aug 14, 2017

How much does a portable classroom cost in Los Angeles, California

Portable Classroom costs in Los Angeles, California 

Los Angeles county in California has thousands of portable classrooms and modular buildings in use for schools, churches and businesses - and it's been this way for decades. This means a few good things for you if you are trying to rent or buy a portable today. Use the following tips to your buying advantage:

Tip #1. There are several modular building suppliers in California that service the Los Angeles market. These companies will compete for your business so get at least three price quotes before you spend any money.

**Use the form below to send your request for a price to the most popular suppliers in California. This also works for all other U.S. States. 

Tip #2. With so many portables and modular buildings being used you will most likely find your best deal on a used structure. Check with Los Angeles Unified School District and other surrounding public and private schools to see if they have any portables to sell. Also try calling some of the larger churches in the area - sometimes you can find a great deal by going direct to the owner of the modular.

Tip #3. Consider buying a used portable over renting. Sometimes you can save thousands of dollars this way and will be free and clear to use the modular for as long as you need - and keep it available for future needs.

Find a used or new modular building at the best price today! This post was approved by the Senior Editor of,

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