Jun 12, 2017

"Green" Modular Building Fact #1

Being "green" is a big deal in the construction business and modular buildings are ecologically friendly for more reasons than most people think. Here is"green" fact #1 about modular buildings, portable classrooms and pretty much any type of prefabricated structure that is designed for human occupancy:

Manufacturing a modular building reduces traffic and pollution
FACT #1. Modular building manufacturing facilities help reduce traffic and pollution. Simply put, when building materials are delivered to one location fewer trucks are needed. Think about a traditional general construction company that has multiple projects underway within a 200 mile radius of its office. Trucks with all types of building materials are needed to service each and every job site. Now compare that to a modular building manufacturer that can build several buildings per day in the same location. Not only is material transportation reduced but some materials can be stored for future builds which helps manufacturers stay on schedule and be less dependent on same day material deliveries.

Modular building manufacturers build green, eco friendly structures
In addition to reducing material transportation modular builders cut down on employee's vehicle usage by giving them one place to report to each day. Not only does this ease commuter traffic and fuel consumption but it makes carpooling and public transportation real possibilities. Oh, and by the way, employees seem less stressed when their commute is easy... and this always helps productivity!

Here you can find some other interesting facts about why modular buildings are green.

If you want to build green hopefully FACT #1 will encourage you to "drive" to a modular building manufacturer and take a tour of their facility.

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