Nov 29, 2006

OSHA Stairs And Handicap Ramp Provider Ameri-Fab Joins

Choose OSHA handicap ramps and stairs

Ameri-Fab, an Arizona based fabrication company, recently joined more than 200 suppliers that market their products to modular building companies, schools, universities, military facilities, business owners and home owners on and Ameri-Fab. Inc is a specialty steel fabrication company specializing in the manufacturing of code-compliant handicap access ramps, landings, OSHA stairs and handicap ramp for commercial and residential modular building companies, building owners and home owners.

Nov 28, 2006

Lead Alert - Hurlburt Air Force Base Needs A Modular Facility Building

Hulburt Air Force is preparing the ground for a new modular facility 

Hurlburt Air Force Base would like a quote on a modular facility (modular building) approx 9,900 sq ft. Site prep already accomplished (fine grading and leveling). Contractor would provide all plant, labor, equipment, materials, transportation, and supervision necessary to furnish, maintain, and rent modular facility. Maintenance, repairs, and teardown would be contractor's responsibility. Need quote of lease payment and depreciation (reduced lease payment for 5 year period).

Contact Matt Banes for more details about this opportunity.

Nov 26, 2006

High Performance Modular School Buildings

There is trend increasing the amount of modular school buildings built

Have you heard about project FROG? If not, check the web site out and look at the high performance classroom designs they are promoting. This is an interesting twist on manufactured or modular school buildings construction and it fits in nicely with green building. In California the DSA classroom manufacturers are all focused on building high performance modulars. Modtech has a new classroom model called the Iguana. Another manufacturer on the east coast recently won an award for designing a "green" portable classroom.

Nov 21, 2006

Used Modular Buildings in California

We can help you find the best used modular buildings in California has three additions to its online inventory of modular buildings. Let's say that you are in need of temporary or permanent space for your church, school or business and you need it quickly. I suggest that you visit and use keyword "California" in the search engine (upper right of screen). Scroll down and you will see floorplan images of the modular buildings available for lease or purchase in California.

More on mobile offices, modular buildings and other manufactured structures to follow.

The Maven

Nov 12, 2006

Relocatable Classrooms Can Be Quiet, Comfortable and Energy Efficient

If you are looking for a safe and affordable study space, try Relocatable Classrooms

The 13 minute video that runs when you play the free DVD I found on is really informative. It addresses classroom acoustics, HVAC, indoor air quality and how each of these topics can be addressed by specifying the correct heating and cooling system on your relocatable classrooms, modular buildings or
DSA classroom.

You can get this DVD by visiting It's on the home page or you can click here.

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