Dec 28, 2013

Used Portable Classroom for Sale in Orlando, Florida

Used Portable Classroom in Florida for sale
Used Portable Classroom in Florida
Get a Price today

Are you searching for a used portable classroom or used modular building to install in Orlando or surrounding cities in Florida? If so you may want to get an early start by requesting price quotes and going to look at some of the models available from local suppliers before 2014 is here and purchase prices start to rise.

Used portable classroom
Portable classroom at a school

My best suggestion is to figure out the amount of space you need for your school or church and have some ideas as to how you want the floor plan to be configured (bathrooms, wide open, divided classrooms, etc.) and then contact at least 4 suppliers in Florida to start getting prices and photographs emailed to you. Once you narrow your choices down set up appointments to see the available units and inspect them to your liking. When you find the used portable that best suits your needs make and offer and negotiate until you are content.

How do you get 4 price quotes quickly? Use the portable classroom price quote form. Take two minutes to complete the form and your request will be sent to suppliers in Orlando who will compete for your business!

As usual you can also call me directly with questions about portables at (714) 442-2757 ext 108. I work nationally and internationally to help people save time and money finding space for schools.

Dec 10, 2013

Used Portable Office Buildings for Sale - Great for Office Space

Uses for used portables
Used Portable Office

Easy and affordable- Used Portable Office Space

Used portable office buildings are for sale in every state and the price to buy one can be surprising- especially in comparison to building an office or paying to rent existing space. This is why thousands of businesses search for portable or "modular" buildings and classrooms each month and many of them end up finding the perfect space in a previously used portable office.

If you are considering a portable building for your business you are not alone. Here are the top reasons why businesses typically buy used portable buildings:

1. Additional space is needed to accommodate employees during construction or remodeling.
2. Business expansion or downsizing.
3. Special projects that require temporary employees for an extended period of time.
4. Remote project space is needed for contract work away from the home office.

So what will a used portable office building cost to buy? This is the big question and it varies based on the size, year and features the portable was built with. For example, a simple 24'x40' portable classroom that has air conditioning, heat, tile or carpet floor with a nice exterior finish, doors and windows can cost anywhere from $15,000.00 for an older model to a late model costing as much as $30,000.00. This adds up to an approximate range of $15.00 to $30.00 per square foot not including delivery, installation and a handicap ramp or steps.

The best way to find a used portable building at a low price is to try and request prices and floor plans from multiple local suppliers that have available inventory. You can use our Portable Building price request form right now if you would like or feel free to give me a call directly at (714) 442-2757 ext. 108.

Nov 8, 2013

Video - Amazing Use of Modular Building for a Childcare Center

If you are considering modular construction for your childcare facility or school and are concerned that "modular building" restricts your ability to have multiple stories or a modern architectural design - think again and watch this video.

Triumph Modular is definitely "redefining modular building" with the manufacturing and permanent installation of the David H. Koch Childcare Center in Cambridge.

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Nov 7, 2013

Buy a Portable Classroom the Smart Way

Portable classroom price.
Portable classrooms on a school site.

Tips for buying a Portable Classroom

I enjoy helping public and private schools across the nation make smart decisions and save money renting or buying portable classrooms - that's why this web site and blog exists. So whenever I get a new phone call or email with a question about using a portable I usually write a post and share my advice with as many readers as possible.

My latest call came from a private school owner who was trying to find a portable classroom big enough to accommodate two classrooms each for twenty students. During the call we discovered some cost saving ideas - here are the questions, answers and my comments from the conversation:

Q: Do you need all of this classroom space under one roof or can you utilize two portables?
A: Actually, we prefer under one roof but the area we have to install the portable is an odd shape.
COMMENTS: Sometimes using two smaller portables makes more sense particularly if the amount of space available for installation is not compatible with the outline of the portable. For example an "L" shaped lot compared to a perfectly square lot would require two units with a connecting ramp and deck.

Nov 2, 2013

Commercial Modular Building is Changing for the Better

News about Commercial Modular Buildings

This is a helpful article from REED Construction Data...particularly if you are considering modular construction but are hung up on the "trailer" look that many commercial modular buildings have. Prefab structures have come a long way and the commercial modular builders are moving in a direction that combines the best attributes of modular manufacturing with green building and modern architecture to produce intelligent and aesthetically pleasing single and multi-story structures.

Pre-fab builders need to look outside the box – Journal of Commerce

Oct 23, 2013

College ROTC Program Turns to Modular Building

Here's a helpful example of how modular buildings and portable classrooms were used on a California college campus to accommodate ROTC students and staff members. Two great benefits - serving our country and getting an education!

Oct 10, 2013

We are starting a daycare in Oregon - Should we rent a modular?

Using a Modular Building for daycare in Oregon

This is the most common question I answer for schools, daycare centers and churches across the U.S.... and Oregon is no exception! First of all, a "Modular Classroom" is the same thing as a "Portable Classroom" in the U.S. While the sizes and configurations may change from supplier to supplier the names refer to the same type of structure. People in Oregon have called me using words like portable, modular, temporary, even classroom trailer to describe their needs.
modular classroom or portable classroom in Oregon USA
Modular Building Oregon

Pricing Facts and Figures
The three most common methods of obtaining a modular classroom are:
  • Lease / Rent
  • Lease purchase 
  • Outright purchase

Sep 19, 2013

Emergency Response Planning with Modular Buildings and Temporary Shelters

FEMA Emergency response planner
FEMA Emergency Response Planner

Modular Buildings are an ideal Temporary Shelter

Whenever a natural disaster occurs the need for temporary shelters, mobile office trailers and modular buildings peaks and suppliers in the modular building industry are always prepared. Whether it be a massive earthquake or flooding like we are seeing in Boulder, Colorado this week - space is readily available and the suppliers are well versed in quickly delivering and installing shelters, offices, classrooms and response centers.

Do you have an emergency response plan in place for your school or office? If not use this link to FEMA's planning guide and get started.

Contact modular suppliers now to know modular building price for emergency response.
Contact modular suppliers now.

Do you need to know your local modular building suppliers in case of an emergency need for temporary space?  Use this form and request prices for emergency planning purposes and your local suppliers will contact you to answer questions and help you develop an emergency response plan.

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Sep 2, 2013

Video - How to Rent or Buy a Modular Building for Less

How to get the lowest price renting or buying a modular building or potable classroom
Watch the video

Modular Building Video

If you are reading this post you are most likely looking for a modular building or portable classroom to rent or buy sometime in the near future. If so here is a video I put together to show you how to use the free online price quote tool on our partner web site It's six minutes that will save you hundreds...maybe thousands of dollars and a boat load of time trying to find a good supplier.

Aug 22, 2013

3 Reasons to Get 3 Prices for a Portable Building

Prices for portable building. Save dollars by knowing multiple price quotes for potable building
Portable Building Prices

Get Portable Building Prices from varied suppliers 

Portable modular building prices vary from supplier to supplier in the United States and many factors come into play when a price to rent or buy has been requested by a potential customer like you. Unfortunately it is very common for someone shopping for a portable to get only one price before a decision is made - this is a huge mistake if saving money is an important goal for your business.

Here are my top 3 reasons for spending some time and shopping for at least 3 price quotes from your local portable building suppliers:

1. Competition is healthy! Suppliers are familiar with competing to win an order so let them do so. Find at least three local suppliers and send your request to each of them. Be clear that you are shopping and comparing for portable building prices and watch the competition begin. You can send your portable building price request to local suppliers by clicking here.

Aug 6, 2013

Why Compare Modular Building Prices

compare modular building prices to get best price quote and save dollars
Modular Building Prices vary

What are the differences of Modular Building Prices?

Thousands of people search online for modular buildings and portable classrooms each day hoping to find the floor plan they need and the best price possible - and what they usually end up with is a lot of administrative work trying to contact suppliers. For example, a single call to a modular building company to discuss a floor plan, prices, delivery and installation can take thirty minutes or more - if you get through to a sales person on the first try. This time doesn't include calls to negotiate prices, understand the rental or purchase agreement and coordinate contract signing. Multiply this by three or four suppliers and the time really adds up unless you use an online price comparison tool.

"I rent no less than ten modulars per year for our construction job sites and don't have time to make individual calls to suppliers for prices during the bidding stage of a project. It's much easier to use and have suppliers send me their prices - I call the one with the best options," says Ron Percy a Senior Procurement and Contracts Administrator for a large engineering firm in California.

Online price comparison tools have become very popular ever since the introduction of Completing a simple and secure online form and submitting it just like sending an email takes a few minutes and the results typically save hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for any given product or service - modular buildings are no exception. In fact, the process of using an online pricing tool to rent or buy a modular building can have additional benefits beyond just finding the best price. For example, buyers will sometimes find a great supplier that they normally would have overlooked in search results because the BIG firms spent more money for the top advertising positions. By using the online pricing tool the buyer's inquiry makes its way to several suppliers regardless of their search engine advertising position. This simple process causes a subtle bidding war for the buyer's business - and everyone wins.

Matt Banes, modular building and portable classroom assistance.
Matt Banes helps
businesses and schools
save money on
modular buildings.
Hopefully this post made it's way to the top of the search results in Google or Bing because it's helpful and timely. If so, you can start your modular building price comparison by using our online form or you can call me directly at (714) 442-2757 ext. 108 with any questions or help getting prices from modular building companies anywhere in the U.S. or abroad.

Aug 5, 2013

Price for a Modular Classroom Building in Orlando, Florida

rent, buy price for portable classroom in Orlando Florida
Modular Building Florida

What are the prices of Modular Buildings in Orlando, Florida?

The end of summer vacation is quickly approaching and some schools are scrambling to place last minute orders for portable classroom trailers in preparation for the upcoming school year. If your school or church is in the same situation this post will help you make smart buying and/or renting decisions - even if you are in a crunch for space.

How much does a portable classroom cost to rent or buy? The quick answer to this question is to get at least three or four price quotes from local suppliers around Orlando, Florida and be sure to compare apples to apples (well let's say oranges to oranges in Florida). The best way to get these quotes quickly is to either click here and use my free modular classroom price quote form or call me directly at (714) 442-2757 ext 108 (nationwide) and we'll talk about your needs and make recommendations.

Jul 19, 2013

Cost of a Modular Classroom Building in Houston

Houston, Texas modular classroom cost, price to rent or buy.
Modular Classroom Building in Houston

What is the approximate cost of a Modular Classroom Building in Houston

It's summertime and that means I receive calls nearly every day from facility managers and directors of schools, colleges, churches and daycare programs across the country who are in need of modular  or "portable" classroom space, temporary offices and even the occasional bathroom trailer. Many of these calls come from Texas - namely Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.

How much does a portable classroom cost to rent or buy? The quick answer to this question is to get at least three or four price quotes from local suppliers and be sure to compare apples to apples. The best way to get these quotes quickly is to either click here and use my free modular classroom price quote form or call me directly at (714) 442-2757 ext 108 (nationwide) and we'll talk about your needs and make recommendations.

Jul 13, 2013

Using a Modular Building for a Real Estate Sales Office

modular real estate sales office
A modular building office being installed.

Modular Building Office for Real Estate

Housing developers and real estate agencies often use a modular building office as temporary real estate sales offices to pre-sell  homes or land while the model home is being constructed. These temporary trailers can be rented for short or long term use and can be installed on a development to look as permanent as the developer or real estate company wants. In many cases the developer will customize the modular office with interior and exterior finishes, patios, lighting and landscaping that match the look and feel of the development’s master plan.

Here are some of the typical Modular Building Sales Office sizes and configurations:

Jun 27, 2013

Best and Worst Ways to Buy or Rent a Modular Building

This post will help you find the best price for buying a modular building or portable classroom.

Modular building and portable classroom suppliers use a number of factors to set their lease (rental) and purchase prices for both used and new modular structures. Throughout the year market conditions and modular building supplier inventories change, so from month to month prices may be set higher or lower and inventories will fluctuate. Depending upon the demand for specific types and sizes of modular buildings and whether or not a supplier has a well-stocked inventory, the price to rent or buy could go from a highly competitive “great deal” to a “seller’s market premium” in no time.

Here are some buying scenarios that can help you save time and money if you are searching for any type of modular building, modular classroom or even a mobile office trailer. Buy smart!

Best Case Scenario #1: You are interested in buying one or multiple used modular buildings and are flexible with what the floor plan layout is. This puts you in the driver's seat to shop for the best deal from local suppliers. If you contact several suppliers you will eventually find the best deal for your money.

Need a modular building or classroom, complete the price request form
Buy modular building

Jun 25, 2013

Should I Rent or Buy a Portable Modular Classroom in Texas?

What are the options for Portable Modular Classrooms in Texas?

This is the most common question I answer for schools, daycare centers and churches across the U.S.... and Texas is no exception! First of all, a "Modular Classroom" is the same thing as a "Portable Classroom" in the U.S. While the sizes and configurations may change from supplier to supplier the names refer to the same type of structure. People in Texas have called me using words like portable, modular, temporary, even classroom trailer to describe their needs.
Texas modular classroom, portable classroom.
Portable Classroom Texas

Pricing Facts and Figures
The three most common methods of obtaining a modular classroom are:
  • Lease / Rent
  • Lease purchase 
  • Outright purchase

Jun 16, 2013

Modular Building Supplier - Choose Wisely, Spend Carefully

Modular building supplier - purchase and installation
A quality modular building supplier 
will help you with every step from
purchase to installation.

How do you choose the right modular building supplier?

At first glance renting or buying a modular building or portable classroom may seem like a fairy simple task - find a modular supplier, place an order and have the structure delivered to your business or school...right? Having sold modular buildings for more than twenty years I can tell you that this task is rarely simple and it requires plenty of help from the supplier you choose wisely and spend carefully!

Here are some tips to help your modular building buying experience be as smooth and affordable as possible.

Jun 6, 2013

Modular Construction is Green Building

Green Modular Building introduction video

Modular buildings have always had green building aspects - built indoors, reduction of material transportation, less site labor and control over quality along each step of construction. This video shows just how far modular construction has come in the last decade.

Visit Modular building has graduated into green building on our green building blog

Jun 4, 2013

Modular building installation in an L shape...

Help with modular building.
Modular Building Installation

What you need to know about custom modular building installation 

The owner of a daycare center asked me this question not to long ago and when I answered "Yes" I could sense his relief. Whenever I speak with someone interested in renting or buying a modular building or portable classroom trailer one of my first questions is "do you have property or space available and if so, are there any obstacles such as landscaping or other structures that an installation crew will need to work around?"

In most cases the business or school I'm helping has enough property available to install a 24' x 60' or 36' x 60' modular building with plenty of room for trucks to deliver the modules and for a crew to position the building with a handicap ramp and steps. However, in some cases space is either difficult to access (obstacles like other buildings or large trees are in the way) or the available space is in a strange configuration (an L or U shape for example), which has to be worked around in a modular building installation. When site obstacles exist most modular building suppliers will have a sensible solution that can be implemented with some additional time and creative "positioning" by the installation crew.

May 26, 2013

What is the cost to rent a modular building?

Used modular buildings and office trailers.
Modular Building Cost

Modular building rent cost- what you need to know

Last week I received a call from a large utility company's Facility Manager who wanted to get some budgetary prices for a used double wide 24' x 60' and a triple wide 36' x 60' modular building. His first question was "how much do you think it will cost to rent one of these modular buildings?" My answer is always the same - what, where and when?

Without knowing the answers to the 3 questions below my response was very general . As a matter of conversation I mentioned that the rental price could be anywhere from $500.00 per month to well over $1,500.00 depending upon how many modifications are needed to the floor plan and the length of the lease term.

May 9, 2013

Do companies rent used modular building?

Used Modular buildings for rent
You can rent a used modular building.

How can you rent a modular building?

Can you rent a modular building if you don't want to buy one? We get this question often and it seems that the answer "yes" pleases a lot of people who are in need of an office trailer or portable classroom. Why? Because renting a used modular building is a heck of a lot less expensive than a new model and you can typically find what you need and have it set up pretty quickly.

Most modular building suppliers in the United States have inventories of used 24' x 40', 24' x 60' and 36' x 60' office trailers and classrooms.

Apr 29, 2013

Can a Modular Building Be Two Stories Tall?

Ever wondered about a two stories tall modular building?

by Matt Banes

Ever wonder if you can buy or rent a two story modular building or school? The answer is yes and several suppliers of modular buildings specialize in manufacturing, delivering and installing these specialized structures for businesses, medical facilities, schools and universities.

The concept of two and three story modular construction has been around for decades and the benefits are the same as single story modular building - time and money savings with design flexibility. Multistory modular structures are designed by architects and engineers to meet the specific needs of the building occupants and to adhere to the same stringent building codes any conventionally built structure would be required to meet.

Apr 13, 2013

How Fast Can I Get a Modular Office Building Trailer?

Modular Office Trailers can be rented and installed quickly.
Modular Office Trailer

How quickly can I get a modular office trailer set up and ready for occupancy?

This is a really popular question when a company is in need of a temporary modular office trailer quickly and the answer depends on several factors such as when you need the space, how much space you need and where it will be installed.

When? If you need a modular office trailer quickly you are in luck because suppliers typically have modulars ready for delivery and installation. Just don’t be picky – be flexible with the floor plan and finishes and takes what’s available immediately. The more you change the longer delivery will take.

How much space? Modular building suppliers can deliver modular trailer offices and classrooms quickly but the more space you need the longer the process takes. Single, double and even triple module buildings can be delivered and installed in a few days – maybe less if all of the resources are available. Once you start adding more modules more resources (trucks, manpower, tools) are required to deliver, install and finish the structure. Keep in mind that each module needs to be set on a foundation, interconnected, closed up, weatherized and then finished inside and out. After connections are done utilities and access steps and/or a handicap ramp need to be installed. No matter how much space you need using a modular building is much faster than any other option.

Location? The best and fastest place to install a modular building is on a level site that has very few obstacles for delivery trucks and the installation crew to work around. The rule of thumb is “easy in- easy out” and when you deviate from this the time and costs almost always increase.

Get started! Now that you are ready to find the right modular and place your order try using this helpful way of getting 3 prices from local modular building suppliers. 

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Apr 8, 2013

Specialized Two Story Modular Building

A two story Modular office Building

Here is a very smart advancement in commercial modular construction - a two story office building built using six 8' x 40' frames that were designed and built to the same specifications as ISO shipping containers. The concept combines the ease of global transportation and the speed of modular construction with an end result being an extremely well built structure for human occupancy.

Two story modular building
                                                                 Source: Uploaded by user via on Pinterest

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Mar 30, 2013

Prefabrication and Modularization Report

A report about the role of Prefabrication and Modularization 

Here are highlights from a very informative report about modular building construction put together by the folks at McGraw Hill Construction. You can read the report online or download it from the link.

The new SmartMarket Report, Prefabrication and Modularization: Increasing Productivity in the Construction Industry, provides insight into the role that prefabrication/modularization can have on improving productivity in construction—including impacts on project schedule, costs, safety, quality and waste reduction. Though techniques that have been around for decades, prefabrication/modularization are seeing a renaissance as technologies, such as BIM, have enabled better integration of prefabricated/modular components; as changes in design such as the emergence of green have made certain advantages of prefabrication/modularization more important; and as innovative offsite techniques have emerged. With more detail in the report, the study found the following key benefits of prefabrication/modularization:
  • 66% report that project schedules are decreased—35% by four weeks or more.
  • 65% report that project budgets are decreased—41% by 6% or more.
  • 77% report that construction site waste is decreased—44% by 5% or more.

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Mar 21, 2013

Used Modular Classroom in Alabama

Used modular classroom - Alabama
Advice for renting or buying a
modular building classroom  in Alabama

Interested in Modular Building Classroom in Alabama?

Alabama has several modular building classroom suppliers throughout the state and many of them have used portables to sell or rent at affordable rates. The trick to finding the best deal isn't just asking for the lowest price. Here are some tips that have helped public and private schools and churches in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery and surrounding towns get the exact space they need installed and ready for class quickly and cost effectively:

1. Always know how many students and teachers you need to accommodate first. This number will help the supplier figure out some different size options and compare those to what used classrooms they have available for your need. Consider space, comfort, furniture and if you need bathrooms, offices or a kitchen.

2. Choose the site for the modular wisely. If you have available property that is free and clear of other structures this is a fairly easy decision. If not, plan on placing the modular in the space that has the fewest obstacles for the modules to be delivered and installed within. Also - try to stay as close as possible to existing utilities, parking, bathrooms, pathways, etc. Site selection can save or cost you money - think about all aspects of your school operation and make smart, cost effective decisions.

3. Permits. Make sure you know exactly what your local building and safety department will want from you in order to issue a permit. Know where you want to place the modular, where the utilities are going to be connected from, how students will access the classroom and how long you will be using the classroom or if it will be a permanent facility for your school operations.

4. Rent or Buy? Both of the options are viable but it never hurts to explore which one makes the most financial sense in the long run. Modular classroom suppliers and banks offer financing or you can negotiate a fair sales price. Be sure to get three proposals that include delivery, installation, utility connections, handicap ramp and stairs - and any other extras. One last thing - always ask the suppliers to visit your site first - this will help you avoid any hidden charges or surprises when the delivery truck arrive.

Hope this helps....if me (Matt Banes) at (714) 442-2757 ext 108 for some's free.

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Feb 25, 2013

Designing and Buying a Used Modular Daycare Center

Are you looking for a Used Modular Daycare Center? 

Read this helpful post about using a Used Modular Daycare Center if you are searching for space for your daycare program, childcare center, school or church. The author has helped thousands of people design and buy or rent  affordable modular buildings and classrooms throughout the United States.

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Feb 21, 2013

Typical Double Wide Trailer Video

Take a look at this Double Wide Trailer!

I was browsing YouTube and found this video about a trailer that was being sold earlier this month. If you watch this clip it will give you a good idea as to what a very typical commercial modular building looks like. Most companies in the modular building business have trailers like this available for rent or purchase - new or used.

If you are searching for temporary or long term space a modular trailer like this is probably a very good option if you have the location to install one.

Feb 19, 2013

MegaBox Containers - Chicago, Omaha, Kansas City, Etc. ($2650/20' Container)

MegaBox Containers are Full Spec units w/High Locking Gear, LockBox, Fork Lift Pocket.
On-The Ground Inventory is $2650/20' Unit (in Most Locations):

Feb 15, 2013

Used Modular Building Prices in Georgia

Atlanta modular office with handicap ramp.
Used modular buildings in Georgia

Are you looking for used Modular Building in Georgia? 

We've been receiving a lot of emails and phone calls from companies in Georgia searching for good prices on all types of used modular buildings and classrooms so this post is for you if you fall into this group of people.

First of all, Georgia suppliers currently have an abundance of modular buildings in various sizes available for rent or your timing is good if you are reading this post and ready to buy in February. Here are a few examples of the most available models you can find in the Georgia market at low rates:

24' x 36' Classroom, open floor plan, no bathroom, heat and AC - Get 3 prices

24' x 48' Office with bathroom, meeting room, heat and AC - Get 3 prices

24' x 72' Office with conference room, private offices, heat and AC - Get 3 prices

48' x 72' Church building with bathrooms, carpet floor, heat, AC - Get 3 prices

*The links above will get you the best prices and fast response time from suppliers that are located throughout the state.

Questions? Feel free to call me (Matt Banes) for nationwide assistance finding the space that best meets your need. (714) 442-2757 ext. 108 - the Modular Building Hotline.

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Jan 31, 2013

Modular Classroom Design

Interior picture a sample modular daycare
 classroom design

What Modular Classroom Design Should you choose?

If a school or church is going to rent or buy a modular classroom the facility managers, administrators and teachers all should play a role in the floor plan design and specification selection. Regardless of the size and configuration several design features need to be considered by anyone involved in operating or maintaining the space - particularly if the modular will be used for an extended period of time.

Here are a few helpful things to consider before you start your search for a modular classroom provider:

1. How much space is needed? Consider the age of students, if there will be a teacher and an aid and what type of furnishings will need to fit in the space.

2. Will bathrooms be needed? If so, how many for each gender and what special needs will need to be accommodated?

3. Climate control. Will the modular classroom need special heating and air conditioning for your climate zone?

4. Floor, wall and ceiling finishes. Will carpet or tile flooring be better? Will art work, dry erase and chalk boards and other teaching aids be fastened to the walls? Are acoustics important?

5. Window and door locations. Where should the entrance and exit doors be located and how will the exterior steps and handicap ramp be positioned?

6. Where is the ideal location to place the modular on your property? Consider parking, pedestrian access, utility locations and security.

Now that you are prepared to ask the right questions and request the ideal modular classroom try using this tool to search for a modular classroom supplier in your area.

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Jan 24, 2013

Mobile Changing Rooms, Locker, Bathroom, Shower Trailers

Did you know that you can install Mobile Changing Rooms in your specified area? 

This is a helpful article we just published on about mobile changing rooms trailers and other specialty modular structures like shower, bathroom and locker units. Most major modular building and mobile office suppliers have experience with renting and selling special use structures and can help with floor planning, installation, utility connections, rental and purchase prices and other important things to consider.

Read the article here: Mobile Changing Rooms, Locker, Bathroom, Shower Trailers

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Jan 23, 2013

Modular Building and the Bottom Line | University Business Magazine

This article seems to be a good read for anyone with questions about using modular building.

Modular Building and the Bottom Line | University Business Magazine

Jan 17, 2013

Video - How Permanent Modular Buildings are Installed

Ever wondered how Permanent Modular Buildings are installed? 

Here is a quick look at how a modular building is installed on a permanent foundation using a crane and installation crew. This type of installation is very common whenever a multi-sectional modular structure is needed long term.

Each section of the modular is positioned into place according to the floor plan of the building or school. Once in place the entire structure is connected together and to the foundation - according to very specific set of plans that have been prepared by a team of structural, mechanical and civil engineers. Once the installation is complete the interior and exterior finishes are put in place, utilities are connected, access ramps and steps are installed and the structure is ready for occupancy.

Jan 10, 2013

State and National Parks Use Modular Buildings

Modular Buildings are a popular choice 

Modular buildings and mobile office trailers work well for Park facilities.
Modular Interpretive Center for a Wetlands Conservancy
State and National parks use modular buildings, mobile offices and other temporary facilities to meet short and long term space needs on a regular basis. Whether space is needed during construction or renovation or a new visitor center is needed to meet demand during peak season it seems as if modular building suppliers are able to meet the changing needs of these public facilities - regardless of the size or type of space that is required.

Prefabricated modular guard houses for Parks
Prefabricated Guard House
“We’ve used modular buildings and mobile office trailers for years whenever we needed extra office space or instead of building a traditional building. In fact several Parks and Recreation operations around the U.S. have used modular trailers for office space, visitor centers, guard houses and what not.” R.C. Shaffer, Procurement Manager

Some of the most popular uses of modular buildings by government run parks are:

Guard and Guest Welcome Centers
Administrative Office Space
Interpretive Centers
Bathroom Trailers
Shower and locker room trailers
Retail Centers

The most popular sizes of mobile office trailers and modular buildings are:

10' x 44'
12' x 60'\
24' x 44'
24' x 60'

Modular building suppliers are very capable of helping any government office select the adequate amount of space for commercial structures. Try using the supplier price request form to obtain multiple prices and assistance from a local supplier if you are searching for space.

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Jan 3, 2013

Success Renting a Modular for Daycare Building in Austin

24' x 60' Modular classrooms make great daycare centers.
Typical 2 classroom modular building in Austin

Great Modular Building Choice in Austin

“Our daycare program was growing so fast that we needed to add space to keep up with enrollment so we decided to try a modular building. We used to help us find local suppliers and we ended up renting a 36’ x 60’ modular classroom long term. We are very happy with the design, how the modular operates and where we were able to locate it on our property here in the suburbs of Austin, Texas.” Karen P., Fresno, California

This is always good to hear Karen and we appreciate the feedback. We have helped thousands of public and private schools solve space problems and save money renting modular classrooms. 24' x 60', 36' x 60' and 48’ x 60’ modular classrooms are very popular sizes for daycare programs. It seems as if these sizes are perfect for growing programs – you can divide them into multiple areas and have space for bathrooms, kitchen areas and plenty of furnishings.
If you are searching for a modular daycare center try using the Free Price Quote & Buyer Assistance Form or you can call me (Matt Banes) direct for nationwide assistance at (714) 442-2757 extension 108.

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