Jun 2, 2011

Used Modular Building Available

Modular Building Available for office space, church or school

The 72'x60' used modular building listed below would be a very good solution if you are in need of temporary office space for a business, church or school. iModular will help you find the best available price to rent or purchase a used modular from the companies in your city best qualified to meet your space needs.

Smart Buying Tip#1: Be sure you contact your local building and safety department before signing any contracts with a modular provider. Permits are required for temporary office space, modular buildings, portable classrooms and mobile offices. The process can be made easy with the help of a modular builder familiar with the permitting process in your city.

Here's the link to the page on iModular.com featuring the 72'x60' used modular building now available:

72x60 Modular Building 17176 Thru 17181 (Used)
72x60 (4,320 sq ft) modular building with 11 offices, 1 conference room, 2 handicap equipped bathrooms and HVAC.

Click Here to view the page.

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