May 26, 2013

What is the cost to rent a modular building?

Used modular buildings and office trailers.
Modular Building Cost

Modular building rent cost- what you need to know

Last week I received a call from a large utility company's Facility Manager who wanted to get some budgetary prices for a used double wide 24' x 60' and a triple wide 36' x 60' modular building. His first question was "how much do you think it will cost to rent one of these modular buildings?" My answer is always the same - what, where and when?

Without knowing the answers to the 3 questions below my response was very general . As a matter of conversation I mentioned that the rental price could be anywhere from $500.00 per month to well over $1,500.00 depending upon how many modifications are needed to the floor plan and the length of the lease term.

May 9, 2013

Do companies rent used modular building?

Used Modular buildings for rent
You can rent a used modular building.

How can you rent a modular building?

Can you rent a modular building if you don't want to buy one? We get this question often and it seems that the answer "yes" pleases a lot of people who are in need of an office trailer or portable classroom. Why? Because renting a used modular building is a heck of a lot less expensive than a new model and you can typically find what you need and have it set up pretty quickly.

Most modular building suppliers in the United States have inventories of used 24' x 40', 24' x 60' and 36' x 60' office trailers and classrooms.

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