May 25, 2017

Are permits needed for a modular building?

Modular building permit, do I need one?

Permits for modular buildings and portable classroomsMany people ask me if permits are required for modular buildings and portable classrooms and my answer is always a quick YES!

The first step you should take before you make a final decision to rent or buy a modular building is to visit your local building and safety department with a floor plan of the modular building or portable classroom you need, the address where it will be installed and a good description of how the structure will be used. Be prepared to explain your plans to one of the planners and take good notes. If all goes well you will be told that you will be allowed to use the modular building under a conditional use permit or a building permit - as long as you follow the procedures required by the city.

Here is some of the information you should be prepared to discuss:

1. Where will the modular building or portable classroom be located?
2. What will the modular be used for (classroom, office, retail)?
3. Will the modular building have plumbing, if so where will it connect to existing plumbing on the property?
4. Where will the electrical be connected?
5. Is there enough parking to accommodate employees, students, customers?
6. What are your plans for handicap access?
7. How long will the modular building be used?

If you would like to talk about permits and some 'best practices' for using a modular building feel free to give me a call. You can use the toll free Modular Building Hotline at (800) 806-7485.

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May 22, 2017

What happens when your site isn't good for a portable classroom?

I publish a few blogs about various types of modular buildings, portable classroom and other prefabricated structures. Let's just say that I like to keep people informed and "happy" when they buy any type of modular building. So, in order to share some red flags people should look for before buying or renting a used portable classroom I wrote a post earlier today on the blog. See what you think and be sure to share the article if you think it can help anyone who is considering using a portable classroom for their school or church.

Read When Using a Portable Classroom Becomes Too Expensive.

May 4, 2017

Used Modular Building Complex for Sale - Texas

Worth a look- modular building in Texas

This used modular building is listed for sale or rent in Texas. The condition is excellent and it has over 4,000 square feet of space and several other features that make it a good fit for a temporary operations office or even a permanent office building for any type of business in need of modular space. Smaller and or larger models with similar floor plans are also available and can be delivered to Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and other Texas locations.

Used modular building complex with bathrooms
Used Modular Building Complex For Sale in Waco, Texas
This large modular building with multiple private offices, handicap equipped bathrooms, and HVAC is available for purchase and can be delivered and installed for your business quickly.

Schools Sell and Donate Their Portable Modular Classrooms

Portable Modular Classrooms for Sale or Donation

This time of the year I seem to get several calls from school districts in the U.S. that want to get rid of perfectly good used portable modular classrooms. Why? So they can either move new modular classroom trailers in or they recently completed construction and no longer need the temporary portables currently on site.

For example, today I received a call from a contractor who is responsible for removing twenty-four 24' x 40' modular classrooms from a school campus in Riverside County, California and all they want is $2,000 each plus the cost of removal. A few days ago I took another call from a large church in Georgia that has a 36' x 60' modular classroom to remove- for next to nothing.

In some cases a school district or church will simply donate their modular buildings to another organization in need of space - this leaves only the costs for removal, transportation and set up. What a deal. In many other instances the portables can be purchased for a very affordable price.

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