Nov 21, 2011

Find Any Size Modular Building in The U.S.

Modular building come in various sizes and configurations
and can be purchased or leased.

A few essential tips to consider about your Modular Building 

If you are searching for a used or new modular building or modular portable classroom to rent or purchase here are a few  buying tips that will help you find the space you need at the best possible price to rent or buy.

1. Use a free service like to submit your request for pricing and information to the most qualified modular building providers in your area. This is a nationwide modular building locater service that costs you absolutely nothing and it works quickly.

2. Be prepared to discuss the size of the space you need and how you would like it configured with offices, classrooms, bathrooms, etc.

3. Know when you would like to occupy the space and for how long. This will help you negotiate the best price for renting or leasing the structure.

4. Have some details about the site where you will be placing the prefabricated structure ready to discuss. The modular building supplier will need information such as the address, where you want the modular installed,  parking location and where existing utilities are located.

If you would like to send your request for information and modular building prices to local suppliers in your area you can click here and complete the secure price quote form. You will receive no more than four calls from qualified modular suppliers within hours of your request.

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Nov 14, 2011

Modular Classroom Video - A Helpful Tool for Planning a Modular School Project

Helpful video about a Modular Classroom 

This is a helpful video to watch if you are considering using a single modular classroom or a much larger modular school building for your school, university or church. Modular construction, also referred to as prefabricated building, has progressed into a high performance, energy efficient, green and affordable construction solution for overcrowded schools and universities, daycare programs and literally anywhere space is needed for learning.

To learn more about modular construction and begin the process of understanding the costs involved you can request information from your local modular classroom supplier by using the supplier contact form, or call our free nationwide assistance representative Matt Banes at (714) 442-2757 ext. 502.

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