Aug 28, 2012

Find a Used Modular Building or Classroom Locally

Used modular classrooms and modular buildings sold by churches and schools.
Typical used modular building for
sale by its owner . Request a price.

A tip for finding a Used Modular Classroom or Building

Here's a tip. Schools and churches use modular buildings regularly to meet temporary and permanent space needs. When they are done using the trailers they usually are willing to sell them at reasonable, sometimes very good prices. This can help you save thousands of dollars.

Try calling your local churches and schools - especially if they have portables on site or try giving the people at a ring. They seem to know where all the best deals are in the United States. Call and ask for Matt Banes at (714) 442-2757 ext. 108.

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Aug 23, 2012

How Much Does a Modular Building Really Cost?

Understanding the total costs involved in renting or buying a modular building or classroom
Typical modular building floor plan. Modular Building Cost

What should you take in to consideration when assessing Modular Building Cost? 

Lots of people use iModular to get the best price possible to rent or buy a modular building or portable modular classroom; however, we get phone calls and emails asking questions about other costs involved in using a modular structure. Here are the most common additional costs excluding either a monthly rent payment or the actual purchase price, license fees and taxes for the modular:

1. Delivery & return delivery.
2. Installation & removal - either on a temporary pier and pad foundation or on a more costly permanent foundation. Removal at the end of your rental period.
3. Utility connections - electric, water, sewer, telecommunications.
4. Permits - issued by the city or county where the modular will be used.
5. Accessibility - steps and/or a handicap ramp to all doors.
6. Cleaning and repair upon return.
7. Furniture rental or purchase and moving expenses.

If you are searching for a modular building supplier to answer your questions about the costs, provide pricing and help you with permits we suggest using our Free Price Request Form.

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Aug 10, 2012

New or Used Modular Building?

Should you get a New or a Used Modular building?

We get this question a lot.."is it better to buy a new modular building or a used one?" Here's our advice.

Modular building suppliers typically have used modular buildings in stock and available "as is" or you can request floor plan modifications to meet your specific space needs. This is the less expensive option as long as you are comfortable with the square footage, condition, warranty and price. This option will also save you time. Used modular buildings can last a long time if they have been maintained properly so ask the sales person about the service history of the modular before you buy.

If you prefer having a new modular building most suppliers will work with you to design a new structure complete with the finishes and specifications you need for your business, school or church. This option gives you some helpful flexibility with the specifications compared to a used modular building and the warranty will cover a lot more. Obviously "building new" is more time consuming and expensive as well.

Prices for used and new modular buildings, modular classrooms and prefab structures.
New or Used Modular Building
I suggest using the free Buyer Price Request page. The online form takes 2 minutes to complete and local suppliers will call you with prices and answers to your specific modular building questions the same day.

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Aug 3, 2012

San Diego Used Modular Buildings and Classrooms

Used modular buildings and portable DSA classrooms for sale
Modular Buildings San Diego

Check out these great Modular Buildings in San Diego!

In San Diego and most of Southern California the price for 24'x40' and 24'x60' modular buildings and portable DSA approved classrooms have been dropping for the past five years due to an abundance of used modular buildings in supplier's inventories. School districts have either been removing or replacing DSA classrooms and offering them for sale directly or through dealers that don't want them sitting in their storage lots.

Here are a few tips if you are in the market to buy or rent a used modular building or classroom:

1. Have a place to install the modular structure. A level piece f property with easy access is best. Make sure you have power, water and plumbing available.

2. Make sure you can get the required permits. Start with your local building and safety department. Permits are not costly but they can take a bit of time to obtain.

3. Use a helpful tool to get modular building prices and floor plans from quality suppliers in San Diego or any other city. Try's free pricing tool. It takes a few minutes to complete online and suppliers will typically contact you the same day.

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Aug 2, 2012

Questions to Ask Before You Rent

What to ask before you rent a modular building

Here are a few helpful questions you should ask your modular building or portable classroom supplier before you rent:

1. What happens if I don't need the modular building for as long as the rental or lease agreement states?

2. Can I have changes made to the floor plan? If so how much will you charge?

3. Can you spread the cost for my modifications out over my monthly payments?

4. Can you obtain the required permits for my modular building?

5. How much will it cost to remove the modular building when I am done with it?

6. Who is responsible for cleaning and repairs when I am done with the modular?

If you want to send your questions to local suppliers all at once has a very helpful supplier price request tool. Give it a try.

Good luck today.

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