Aug 2, 2012

Questions to Ask Before You Rent

What to ask before you rent a modular building

Here are a few helpful questions you should ask your modular building or portable classroom supplier before you rent:

1. What happens if I don't need the modular building for as long as the rental or lease agreement states?

2. Can I have changes made to the floor plan? If so how much will you charge?

3. Can you spread the cost for my modifications out over my monthly payments?

4. Can you obtain the required permits for my modular building?

5. How much will it cost to remove the modular building when I am done with it?

6. Who is responsible for cleaning and repairs when I am done with the modular?

If you want to send your questions to local suppliers all at once has a very helpful supplier price request tool. Give it a try.

Good luck today.

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