Aug 3, 2012

San Diego Used Modular Buildings and Classrooms

Used modular buildings and portable DSA classrooms for sale
Modular Buildings San Diego

Check out these great Modular Buildings in San Diego!

In San Diego and most of Southern California the price for 24'x40' and 24'x60' modular buildings and portable DSA approved classrooms have been dropping for the past five years due to an abundance of used modular buildings in supplier's inventories. School districts have either been removing or replacing DSA classrooms and offering them for sale directly or through dealers that don't want them sitting in their storage lots.

Here are a few tips if you are in the market to buy or rent a used modular building or classroom:

1. Have a place to install the modular structure. A level piece f property with easy access is best. Make sure you have power, water and plumbing available.

2. Make sure you can get the required permits. Start with your local building and safety department. Permits are not costly but they can take a bit of time to obtain.

3. Use a helpful tool to get modular building prices and floor plans from quality suppliers in San Diego or any other city. Try's free pricing tool. It takes a few minutes to complete online and suppliers will typically contact you the same day.

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