Jul 12, 2017

Used Modular Daycare Building For Sale - Texas

Used modular daycare calssroom building for sale in Texas and other states.

You are in luck if you are searching for a used Modular Daycare Building in Texas

Sometimes the best option is to buy or rent a used modular daycare building or portable classroom like the one on this page. The church that currently owns it contacted iModular and is eager to sell the building - and there are also many other similar modular classrooms and daycare center buildings available from churches, schools and suppliers throughout Texas if you know where and when to look.
Used 3,000 square foot modular daycare building now available for sale or rent in Texas. This modular was used for a church daycare and is in excellent condition. Request more information by calling Matt Banes at (714) 442-2757 ext. 502 or try the  Find a Used Modular Building Price Quote Form below.

Interior view of modular daycare building
1.5 yrs old
3,000 sq ft
children’s area
2 bathrooms with child size toilets (6)
3 normal bathrooms
heating/AC throughout
5 classrooms
lobby and reception area

*If you are interested in a used modular daycare classroom in another state use our free National 
Find a Used Modular Building Price Quote Form and local suppliers will respond to you quickly. If you are in Texas use the form below.


  1. Good resource for finding used modulars. We have saved money on our temporary offices in various locations using this service.

  2. thanks for the information....we will be renting a modular daycare soon.

  3. There are a lot of used modular classrooms, modular buildings and modular daycare buildings in Texas and you can get them at low prices if you shop around. Try your local school districts and churches and inquire about any modulars that they no longer need. I have herd that some schools will even give the modular away if someone covers the cost of removal.

  4. Question from a reader: Is it difficult to change the floor plan and renovate a used modular classroom?

    Answer: If you have a capable contractor the answer is no. Modular buildings and portable classrooms are fairly easy to understand and modify. A contractor with a license can easily add or remove bathrooms, change office locations and add new finishes. The only areas of real concern are if any of the structural components of the building frame or roof are going to be modified. Be sure to have a structural engineer approve of this type of work first.

  5. Mark GibbonsJune 07, 2013

    We have a used 48' modular daycare building that was built by Modspace in 2008.

  6. Terry P., Facility ManagerOctober 10, 2013

    Can you help us sell our used daycare modular building? We rented it 5 yrs ago and finally bought it but now our program no longer needs it. It's either 36'x60' or 36' x 52'. Thanks.

  7. Hello, Contact me if you are still trying to sell your portable classroom building.

    We are a childcare center in San Antonio Texas and we are looking to buy one. My phone number is two one zero, 723-6552.


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