Apr 27, 2017

How much should a modular classroom cost? Question and Answer.

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What is the approximate cost of a Modular Classroom?

Question from a reader: My school is searching for a new modular classroom (portable) for twenty-five students and we wanted to get the best possible price for a long term rental. Our needs are simple - open classroom big enough for desks and some tables, two doors and a handicap ramp. I searched the web for modular classroom trailers and made some calls and it seems like prices are expensive from company to company. Any ideas?

Response from Matt Banes: Thanks for asking and for sharing some of the details about your classroom space need. You can always email me directly at Ask@imodularbuildings.com for some assistance or use my free modular classroom cost tool below to quickly find the best deals on any type of modular building. Also, here are a few questions and tips that have helped a lot of people in your position.

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1. Are you open to renting a used modular classroom? If so you can rest assured that suppliers have used models in stock that are in very good condition - and the prices will be lower than using a new model. Ask about in stock used classrooms.

2. Are you open to purchasing the modular in place of a long term rental? Purchasing a used portable classroom can sometimes be very affordable when compared to renting a new model.

Modular classroom costs for schools, churches and daycare
Modular Classroom Cost can vary
3. If you must have a new modular classroom trailer be sure to get three price quotes from suppliers in your area. Try to find a manufacturer that will sell direct...in some cases this is the best way to save thousands of dollars.

For the best results locating a modular classroom trailer supplier and finding the best cost to rent or buy a modular, I suggest completing the simple form below. It takes 2 minutes and works wonders for saving time and money. Your information will quickly be seen and responded too by the top quality modular providers in your area.

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