Apr 27, 2017

How much should a modular classroom cost? Question and Answer.

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What is the approximate cost of a Modular Classroom?

Question from a reader: My school is searching for a new modular classroom (portable) for twenty-five students and we wanted to get the best possible price for a long term rental. Our needs are simple - open classroom big enough for desks and some tables, two doors and a handicap ramp. I searched the web for modular classroom trailers and made some calls and it seems like prices are expensive from company to company. Any ideas?

Response from Matt Banes: Thanks for asking and for sharing some of the details about your classroom space need. You can always email me directly at Ask@imodularbuildings.com for some assistance or use my free modular classroom cost tool below to quickly find the best deals on any type of modular building. Also, here are a few questions and tips that have helped a lot of people in your position.

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1. Are you open to renting a used modular classroom? If so you can rest assured that suppliers have used models in stock that are in very good condition - and the prices will be lower than using a new model. Ask about in stock used classrooms.

2. Are you open to purchasing the modular in place of a long term rental? Purchasing a used portable classroom can sometimes be very affordable when compared to renting a new model.

Modular classroom costs for schools, churches and daycare
Modular Classroom Cost can vary
3. If you must have a new modular classroom trailer be sure to get three price quotes from suppliers in your area. Try to find a manufacturer that will sell direct...in some cases this is the best way to save thousands of dollars.

For the best results locating a modular classroom trailer supplier and finding the best cost to rent or buy a modular, I suggest completing the simple form below. It takes 2 minutes and works wonders for saving time and money. Your information will quickly be seen and responded too by the top quality modular providers in your area.


  1. Modulars can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars per month to rent to a few thousand depending on what your needs are and where the modular building will be located. To purchase a modular expect to pay $15,000 at least for a used unit.

    I suggest using www.imodular.com.....this site connects you with the most qualified suppliers in your area and helps you get the best price for a modular building.

  2. I used iModular.com for our private school project and ended up getting a really good deal on some used modular classrooms. Going to use it again soon.

  3. Ryan CrawfordFebruary 26, 2013

    We just rented a 36'x 60' modular daycare center and are paying $1,500 per month. We got three prices but didn't choose the lowest. We actually like the floor plan of the more expensive used model. Try iModular.com...that site was the biggest help.

  4. If you need to have a new modular built be sure to review the specifications very closely before signing a contract. Also...keep all of the documents in case you will eventually want to sell the modular at some point.

    Ask about handicap ramps, installation costs and license fees. Cover the bases and you will be fine.

  5. Good advice Bruce. I have brokered modulars without the original paperwork and it becomes a problem at some point.

  6. Also on the handicap ramps for modular buildings - be sure to get the exact measurement of the main entrance threshold...that's basically how many feet of ramp you will need unless the site is not level.

  7. I received this question this week: Is it better to pay for floor plan changes up front or amortize them into the rental rate for a modular classroom in Florida?

    Answer: Always pay for modifications up front unless the money is not available to do so. Why? Simple interest is tacked on to the monthly rate so you pay way more to add walls, doors and other features to your modular building or classroom.

  8. One other good point brought to my attention recently is that you can save money by renting or buying a used aluminum or steel handicap ramp and/or OSHA approved aluminum steps for your modular classroom trailer. Most suppliers of modular buildings have used steps and ramps that meet ADA and OSHA standards in stock so finding them is not a problem. Use iModularbuildings.com if you want to get a few prices from locals companies.

  9. Paul MorrowMay 15, 2013

    Buying a used portable classroom is a really good option when compared to the price of a new one. Just check the ac units, floor and roof. If those are in good shape everything else should be easy to remodel, clean, whatever.

    P. Morrow, Facility Manager

  10. Paul...I agree. It is always a good idea to have a used modular building checked out by a contractor and an experienced HVAC person as well. Check for any major problems and budget to repair those. Used modular classrooms typically suffer from heavy use and the AC units most likely have not been maintained properly. Used modular office trailers are usually in decent shape if they have been looked after properly.

    Also, don't forget to look at the original paperwork - bill of sale, license, etc.

  11. Here are some questions to ask if you are buying or renting a modular:

    When you speak with suppliers be sure to request their best price for the following items:

    1. Rental price per month plus any tax or license fee.
    2. The price to deliver and install the modular building.
    3. The price to knock it down and return delivery.
    4. The cost to rent a set of steps or a handicap ramp for access if required.

    *Remember to ask about hidden fees such as cleaning, insurance and maintenance.


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