Apr 12, 2017

Need Space? Rent A Modular Office Trailer

It is easy to outgrow office space when demand for products and services reaches an all time high - creating a need for more space and more employees. When this happens it's not easy for commercial, government and nonprofit operations to add permanent office space because of the time and cost of construction, and often the additional space is only required temporarily. Additionally, it does not make sense to invest in high dollar construction when all that is really needed is temporary office style space. Used modular office buildings offer an excellent alternative that can fulfill a variety of business needs without a large outlay of money or a long construction timeline.
Use a modular office trailer for temporary space
Used modular office trailers on rent at an industrial facility.

Modular Office Building Fulfills Many Needs for All Types of Businesses
A mobile-modular office is a pre-manufactured building that is portable, economical and able to provide temporary or permanent space in nearly any type of configuration including bathrooms, conference areas, private offices, kitchens - even locker rooms. Business owners have many reasons for choosing to rent one or more used mobile office buildings to solve a variety of space issues. Here are some of the more common uses of modular office trailers:
  • On-site office space for construction project management and security
  • Field offices for government or nonprofit operations
  • On-site sales office space for real estate developments
  • Administrative office space for school facilities
  • Office and meeting space during remodeling and relocation projects
  • Locker, shower and toilet trailers for workers and students
  • Sales office space for new and used car dealerships
  • Office space for hospitals and medical clinics that have outgrown existing space
  • Temporary commercial space needed after an emergency such as a fire or natural disaster

This list is not comprehensive but it does give a good idea of the variety of ways businesses, nonprofits and government agencies are using modular office trailer spaces to provide services and products without slowing business. You can tell us about your space need and request detailed floor plans and a prices to rent a modular office building on this form.
Good Reasons to Rent Used Modular Office Space
modular office trailers
Modular office trailers vary in size and floor plan configuration.
Adding additional space requires making a decision between building permanent space and renting temporary space. It is similar to what is called the "lease or buy" analysis. The only other options for businesses are to move to a larger, more expensive building or forgo opportunities to provide goods and services. For customers like government agencies and nonprofits it can mean the difference between getting services delivered as quickly as possible to people most in need, like right after a tornado destroys homes.

One of the main advantages of renting a used modular office is that a business or government agency can expand the amount of available space without disrupting operations. Other advantages include: 
  • Fast access to needed space
  • Easy access to the right amount of space by selecting a small, medium or large modular building
  • Ability to setup the modular nearly anywhere permitted by the local authorities
  • Accommodates growth without a high financial investment
  • Convenience - the supplier delivers, installs and helps with connecting the utilities to the modular office
  • Cost efficient because easily moved and removed as needed, unlike a permanent building
  • Availability of different floor plans, i.e. buildings available with or without bathrooms, meeting rooms, kitchens, locker and shower rooms, window and door locations
  • Modular office trailers are portable - they can move with the business
  • Temporary - the renter can return the mobile unit when it's no longer needed 

Choose Flexibility
The used modular office building offers space flexibility, convenience and affordability. It is an excellent option when space needs grow and adding permanent space is too expensive or not practical. Commercial, nonprofit and government customers can rent any type of used mobile office knowing it is an excellent short or long-term option for solving a space requirement problem. 

Ready to Shop for a Modular Office Trailer?
Now that you are ready to start shopping for the perfect modular office trailer we've got a tool that will help you save money and find exactly what you need from a local supplier. Use the form below and local modular building suppliers will contact you with their best prices - and you save!

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