Apr 27, 2017

Who Needs OSHA Stairs?

OSHA approved trailer and modular building steps, stairs.
Metal OSHA Trailer Stairs

Are you searching for OSHA stairs for your modular building or steps for your trailer?

Finding a set of OSHA approved steel or aluminum stairs for a modular building, mobile office trailer, construction field office or mobile home can be tricky - especially since this is not something you need to buy that often. Before you contact a supplier do this:

1. Take some basic measurements from the bottom of your door to the ground and the width of the door or opening.

2. Decide which way you want the steps to exit and how you want the handrails configured.

3. If you can take some photos of the modular building structure or trailer and doors these will help the supplier get your order correct.

4. Use the Quick Price Quote Comparison form below to get the best prices and fastest delivery of any type of steps for a mobile modular building, office trailer, portable classroom, storage trailer or mobile home.


  1. Are the OSHA steps adjustable?


  2. OSHA steps for construction trailers, mobile offices and mobile homes come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Be sure to know how high the bottom of your door is form the ground and which direction you want the steps to flow. Also, if the site is not level please make note of this when you call a supplier for a price.

    The same information is needed if you are searching for a handicap access ramp. If you can take photos of the modular building or trailer and email them to the supplier first - that is a big help in deciding the size, configuration and cost for the ramp.


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