Apr 20, 2017

Modular School Building Checklist

Modular school building for your school, church or daycare center
A modular school building can be a great space solution if
planned, built and installed properly. 
So you are searching for a modular school building and your check list of items is growing phone call by phone call? To buy or rent any type of a modular building for a school, church or daycare is relatively easy but when it comes to student housing, safety, security and overall comfort for occupants of any educational facility, you need to do your homework.

Here is my modular school facility checklist that I have used with school facility managers and operators of school buildings for years. Feel free to use this list while you speak with your local modular school building companies, school board members and even teachers.

Modular School Building Checklist
  1. Do you know the floor plan and dimensions of the modular school building you need?
  2. Do you know where you will be able to locate the modular building on your campus or property?
  3. Is there easy access to the location on your campus or will obstacles need to be taken into consideration during the delivery and installation of the modular school building?
  4. Do you have adequate utilities available to provide the modular school building with power, water, electricity?
  5. Is there enough space for students to enter and exit the modular school building safely and securely? Be sure all ADA regulations are met.
  6. Is there enough space for parking and student drop off and pick up?
  7. Plan for your technology needs and explain these to the modular building provider. Be sure to cover items like security/emergency response, audio visual equipment, telecommunications, building control systems.
  8. How long will the modular school building be needed on campus or will it be permanent? If this is a temporary use be sure to plan for an eventual removal of the modular building. Don't block it in with new structures or removal will become costly.
  9. Decide if you prefer to rent or buy the modular school building. Many options are available but each will have various implications on your cash flow.
  10. Be smart and shop smart. Modular school buildings range in sizes, configurations and prices to rent or buy. Try using my price request form for modular school buildings and be sure to have this check list handy when you receive calls from the suppliers in your area. 

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