Apr 20, 2017

Customize Your Modular Building Floor Plan

Can we change the floor plan of a rental modular building to meet our specific office layout needs?

I get this question quite a bit - especially from people who need their office trailer to have a very specific number of offices, conference rooms, classrooms, bathrooms, etc., and my answer is always a simple YES!
Customizing a modular building in Texas
Customizing a modular
building is easy.

Modular office buildings are built to be modified with ease. In fact it has become common practice for modular suppliers to have in-house and sub contracted work crews just to remove and build-out customized floor plans for tenants who are either renting or buying the structure. The costs to modify the modular are usually charged up front and if the modifications are very unique there may even be a charge to remove the modifications and return the modular back to its original floor plan when the rental term is finished.

So when it's time for you to order a modular office trailer or portable classroom have a simple floor plan ready to show the supplier and don't forget to plan for furniture.

You can get a price quote and floor plans from multiple suppliers in your area by using the iModularBuildings.com Price Quote Form.

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