Nov 8, 2013

Video - Amazing Use of Modular Building for a Childcare Center

If you are considering modular construction for your childcare facility or school and are concerned that "modular building" restricts your ability to have multiple stories or a modern architectural design - think again and watch this video.

Triumph Modular is definitely "redefining modular building" with the manufacturing and permanent installation of the David H. Koch Childcare Center in Cambridge.

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Nov 7, 2013

Buy a Portable Classroom the Smart Way

Portable classroom price.
Portable classrooms on a school site.

Tips for buying a Portable Classroom

I enjoy helping public and private schools across the nation make smart decisions and save money renting or buying portable classrooms - that's why this web site and blog exists. So whenever I get a new phone call or email with a question about using a portable I usually write a post and share my advice with as many readers as possible.

My latest call came from a private school owner who was trying to find a portable classroom big enough to accommodate two classrooms each for twenty students. During the call we discovered some cost saving ideas - here are the questions, answers and my comments from the conversation:

Q: Do you need all of this classroom space under one roof or can you utilize two portables?
A: Actually, we prefer under one roof but the area we have to install the portable is an odd shape.
COMMENTS: Sometimes using two smaller portables makes more sense particularly if the amount of space available for installation is not compatible with the outline of the portable. For example an "L" shaped lot compared to a perfectly square lot would require two units with a connecting ramp and deck.

Nov 2, 2013

Commercial Modular Building is Changing for the Better

News about Commercial Modular Buildings

This is a helpful article from REED Construction Data...particularly if you are considering modular construction but are hung up on the "trailer" look that many commercial modular buildings have. Prefab structures have come a long way and the commercial modular builders are moving in a direction that combines the best attributes of modular manufacturing with green building and modern architecture to produce intelligent and aesthetically pleasing single and multi-story structures.

Pre-fab builders need to look outside the box – Journal of Commerce

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