Jan 5, 2018

Modular Classroom Donation Needed

Hello and Happy 2018! Just a quick post today about donating your used modular classroom to a church or school in need. There are organizations looking for modular classroom space across the country and many public schools have portables waiting for a new home. If your school has 24'x40' or 24' x 60' modular classrooms to donate or sell for a low price please call me today at (800) 806-7485.

Many of the school programs I deal with are in need of assistance and having a modular classroom donated sometimes is the difference between education success and failure, particularly in areas that are economically challenged and lack quality school housing. A modular classroom can make a huge difference in any type of school program - but in many cases the costs are simply out of reach.

Thanks and please share this post with anyone that may be able to help.


Dec 30, 2017

iModular.com & iModularbuildings.com

Hello and Happy New Year....if you have just landed on this post from our sister web site iModular.com - congratulations. While we work on the iModular.com web site we will use this page to help you find the modular building, portable classroom, mobile office trailer or any other type of modular space you may want to rent or buy.

Thanks again and feel free to call me (Matt Banes) directly for help finding the modular space you need. Toll free (800) 806-7485 or use the Compare Price Quote tool and find a great deal today.

Nov 10, 2017

Before you "click" for prices call me...

Used modular classroom
Learn how to be a smart modular classroom customer.
Shopping online to rent or buy a modular classroom is much like shopping for a car - there are many advertisements that follow you around from web page to social media and back. In some cases these advertisements are set up by companies with no experience in designing, selling or installing modular classrooms yet they want to connect you with companies that can help you. It's the middle man model and it can waste a lot of your time and money. The difference between these services and calling me can save you a bundle of time and, in many cases help you become the ideal client for a modular classroom supplier - and this puts you in the driver's seat as a buyer.

Why me?
Well let's just say that I'm a "life time member" of the modular building business and have learned what works and what doesn't for literally every type of modular classroom project. Sharing this information with school facility managers, church administrators and daycare operators is now what I do for a living and it's rewarding to see happy modular building customers.

When you call the Modular Building Hotline (800) 806-7485 you are taking the first step to learning what you need to know before you set up a budget and begin any contract with a modular building supplier. Once we connect I will guide you through these important questions:

1. How to calculate the amount of space you need.
2. How to select the ideal site to install your modular classroom.
3. What you need to know about obtaining a permit for a modular classroom.
4. Whether to rent or purchase a modular classroom.
5. If a new modular building or used modular is best for your school or church space need.
6. How to optimize your buying power and shop for the best supplier and best price.

Give me a call...I'm here to help you "piece" together your modular classroom project!


Sep 14, 2017

About Modular Bathroom, Locker and Shower Trailers

Modular bathroom and shower trailer
Modular Bathroom, Locker, Shower

What to do when you need modular bathrooms, lockers and showers at your school or church campus...

The short answer is to buy or rent a modular building! Modular builders have been designing and building specialized prefabricated bathroom, locker and shower trailers for everything from emergencies to special events - and schools have made good use of these structures for decades. From small trailers complete with a few toilets and sinks to several thousand square foot modular structures with change rooms, lockers, showers and laundry facilities - it's hard to find a school facility need that hasn't been met with a modular building.

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