Feb 17, 2017

California Modular Classroom Availability

In the past 6 months we have helped several California based schools, churches and daycare centers rent and purchase very affordable used modular classroom buildings. It seems as if this trend is continuing in 2017 as demand for modular classroom space is growing... and as we approach spring and summer this will not stop as more schools will begin to figure out their temporary and permanent space needs.

What are your modular classroom or modular office space needs? Here are the top reasons why people contact us for help buying and renting modular classrooms:

1. Out of space and need modular classrooms quickly.
2. Adding new educational or daycare programs and need more space.
3. Opening a new school or daycare and prefer modular classroom space over building new.
4. Current modular classrooms are old and need replaced.
5. School construction has caused a need to relocate students and teachers into temporary modular classroom spaces.

Sound familiar? Here are some items to consider before you contact modular classroom companies for assistance:

1. Permits - contact your local building department and explain how you are planning to use the modular classroom. They will then inform you as to what you will need to obtain the required permits.

2. Know how many students/teachers you will need to accommodate in the modular classroom.
3. Have a good idea as to what you will want the modular classroom floor plan to look like.
4. Have a good idea as to how you want the interior and exterior of the modular classroom to look (finishes, colors, special needs like storage, kitchen, bathrooms).
5. Know when and where you will be placing the modular classroom on your campus..or be prepared to invite the modular classroom sales person to visit your campus and make suggestions.

I hope this is helpful - and if so feel free to call us directly for help with your modular classroom project at the Modular Building Hotline (800) 806-7485 or simply complete our modular building contact form and we will be right back in touch with you.

Nov 14, 2016

Portable Offices for Sale in Texas

Portable office trailers are for sale everywhere in the United States and Texas seems to have some of the best deals available if you are searching for temporary or even permanent space for your business.

Why Texas? Portable office trailers, or as many people call them "office trailers" have been rented and purchased for decades by schools, churches, construction companies, refineries, recreation centers and so on...and after time many of these businesses no longer have a need for the portable trailer. The end result is much like a good used vehicle... they are sold as is for a great price. Markets like Austin, Dallas, Galveston and Houston have thousands of portables in literally all sizes and configurations - available for you to buy at rock bottom prices.

If you are in the market to find a portable office or classroom in Texas here is what I suggest you do next to find the best deal:

Oct 17, 2016

Why now is the time to buy a used portable classroom in California

Used Portable Classroom
Have you ever heard the saying "It's a Buyer's market"? Well in California this is very true if you are searching for a used portable classroom trailer for your school, church, daycare center or literally any type of business that may need space for teaching or training.

Why are the prices to buy a used portable so affordable in California? It's pretty simple - the market is huge and for decades portable classrooms have been purchased by all types of organizations that eventually no longer need the portable - or "modular" classroom trailer. When the portable is no longer needed....bingo! You have a great opportunity to buy it at a very discounted price. The trick is being in the know and having good timing.

This is where my services come in handy. For 26 years I have been building a network of contacts in California public school districts, large church organizations, government recreation and parks offices, and the list goes on. This group of people have come to know me a their resource for everything "portable", especially when its time to selling or relocating a used portable classroom or modular office trailer.

Open floor plan portable classroom
For example, last month a church organization in San Diego contacted me through iModular.com and asked if I could help them remove two 24' x 40' portable classrooms from their property because they were blocking access to the new construction site for an administration building. After a quick site visit and some calls I was able to have these portables removed and transported to a storage facility in Riverside, California where they now are being cleaned, painted, new carpet installed and completely tuned up for anyone interested. I covered the removal expenses and transportation and the church solved their dilemma. It's not always this easy and sometimes I purchase the assets for a fair price - either way it benefits everyone from buyer to seller to new buyer.

I've kept the costs super low for the storage, transportation, refurbishment and now will be able to sell these as California certified, used 24'x40' portable classrooms to anyone interested and in need of classroom space quickly - and affordably.

If you are searching for a portable classroom in California - you may have just read the best article possible. Send me an email at Matt@gbmmarketing.com or call me toll free at (800) 806-7465.

May 16, 2016

How You Can Find Low Price Modular Buildings in California

How to get the best prices for a Modular Building in California

When it comes to searching and comparing prices for a bargain to rent or buy a used modular building California may be the best market on the planet. The Golden State and its diverse business community has an incredible need for temporary modular office buildings - whether it is for a small modular office trailer for a short rental or a large modular building with multiple offices needed for several years, it's a buyers market. This demand has created an abundance of used modular buildings with various floor plans now on the market and it's deal time if you are searching for office space anywhere in the state.
Used modular building for sale in california
Be a smart buyer and inspect the modular building before you buy.
"The trick to finding the best deal is to be flexible with your modular building floor plan - and be ready to buy or rent as soon as you find the modular office trailer closest to your needs," says Ira Peppers of SKC Company in Riverside, a full service modular building sales and rental company. Ira has used modular buildings for sale all year long - and you can reach him by completing this contact form.

Apr 17, 2016

Aluminum Steps for Mobile Office Trailer

Use aluminum steps for easy access to your Mobile Office Trailer or Modular Building

Trailer steps for a mobile office trailer on site.
Typical mobile office trailer with aluminum steps.
Is it me or do a lot of people have trouble finding those aluminum, OSHA approved steps for access in and out of mobile office trailer? You know... the steel steps that are installed at the doorways of construction trailers, sales office trailers and other temporary mobile buildings. Look no further because we've helped thousands of people get OSHA approved aluminum and steel steps delivered and installed for use with all types of mobile and modular office trailers.

Here are a few tips for finding the right set of steps and getting a fair price for the product:

1. Know what you need. If you have a mobile office trailer and its not going to be used by the public you wont need a ADA handicap accessible ramp. A set of steps for each entry way will be fine.

2. What size steps do you need for the trailer's doorway? Measure the distance from the ground to the threshold of the door and have that information ready to share with the suppliers we will be connecting you with. Be sure to either take a photo of the mobile office trailer or clearly describe in the ground where the OSHA approved steps will be installed is level or not.

3. GET THE LOWEST PRICE! Complete the form below and your request will be sent to suppliers in your area who will call you with questions and prices quickly. or call our Toll Free number at (800) 806-7485 and ask for Matt Banes.

Feb 18, 2016

Schools Sell and Donate Their Portable Modular Classrooms

Portable Modular Classrooms for Sale

This time of the year I seem to get several calls from school districts in the U.S. that want to get rid of perfectly good used portable modular classrooms. Why? So they can either move new modular trailers in or they recently completed construction and no longer need the temporary trailers to house students.

For example, today I received a call from a contractor who is responsible for removing twenty-four 24' x 40' modular classrooms from a school campus in Riverside County, California and all they want is $2,000 each plus the cost of removal. A few days ago I took another call from a large church in Georgia that has a 36' x 60' modular classroom to get rid of - for next to nothing.

In some cases a school district or church will simply donate their modular buildings to another organization in need of space - this leaves only the costs for removal, transportation and set up. What a deal!

Sep 20, 2015

New or Used Modular Building Buyer's Hot Line A Big Help

How much do portable modular classrooms cost
New and Used modular Building classrooms awaiting installation at a school.

Looking for a Used or New Modular Building?

Hello to anyone searching for a used or new modular building we have great news. You can now call our nation-wide toll free modular building hot line. Call (800) 806-7485 and speak directly with me (Matt Banes) about your modular building or portable classroom space needs anywhere in the United States, Canada and other countries. I can also help you answer questions about how much a modular building should cost to rent or buy whether it is used or will be custom built as a newly manufactured structure,

In the past month I have helped people from more than fifty companies including schools, churches, banks, daycare centers and government facilities, make smart decisions concerning modular spaces. The majority of questions I answer are about pricing, permits and design. If you have a business or school and need additional space for employees or students call me and let's talk about your needs. Once I understand what type of modular building best suits your requirement I can then help you find the best supplier with the best all around price, quality and service.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as you are ready.

Mar 1, 2015

Used Modular Classrooms for Sale

Cost to buy a used modular classroom
Used modular classroom for sale

A great Used Modular Classroom For Sale

This article was updated today May 18, 2016. If you represent a public or private school, church or daycare program and are searching for a used modular classroom to buy or rent - your timing is very good no matter what part of the U.S. you are in. Why? Because there are an abundance of 24' x 40' and 24' x 60' used modular classrooms available through suppliers and other schools and churches who no longer need the space. This increase in supply is happening because suppliers experienced years of manufacturing, selling and renting tens of thousands of modular classrooms and now many of them are no longer needed by the original customers.

Buy this used modular classroom
Used modular classroom with handicap ramp
I receive a few phone calls a week from schools and churches across the country who ask if I can help them sell or possibly donate their used modular building or classroom. I also receive emails with photographs and floor plans of some pretty nice modular buildings and the prices are very affordable compared to having a new structure manufactured.