Jun 27, 2013

Best and Worst Ways to Buy or Rent a Modular Building

This post will help you find the best price for buying a modular building or portable classroom.

Modular building and portable classroom suppliers use a number of factors to set their lease (rental) and purchase prices for both used and new modular structures. Throughout the year market conditions and modular building supplier inventories change, so from month to month prices may be set higher or lower and inventories will fluctuate. Depending upon the demand for specific types and sizes of modular buildings and whether or not a supplier has a well-stocked inventory, the price to rent or buy could go from a highly competitive “great deal” to a “seller’s market premium” in no time.

Here are some buying scenarios that can help you save time and money if you are searching for any type of modular building, modular classroom or even a mobile office trailer. Buy smart!

Best Case Scenario #1: You are interested in buying one or multiple used modular buildings and are flexible with what the floor plan layout is. This puts you in the driver's seat to shop for the best deal from local suppliers. If you contact several suppliers you will eventually find the best deal for your money.

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Jun 25, 2013

Should I Rent or Buy a Portable Modular Classroom in Texas?

What are the options for Portable Modular Classrooms in Texas?

This is the most common question I answer for schools, daycare centers and churches across the U.S.... and Texas is no exception! First of all, a "Modular Classroom" is the same thing as a "Portable Classroom" in the U.S. While the sizes and configurations may change from supplier to supplier the names refer to the same type of structure. People in Texas have called me using words like portable, modular, temporary, even classroom trailer to describe their needs.
Texas modular classroom, portable classroom.
Portable Classroom Texas

Pricing Facts and Figures
The three most common methods of obtaining a modular classroom are:
  • Lease / Rent
  • Lease purchase 
  • Outright purchase

Jun 16, 2013

Modular Building Supplier - Choose Wisely, Spend Carefully

Modular building supplier - purchase and installation
A quality modular building supplier 
will help you with every step from
purchase to installation.

How do you choose the right modular building supplier?

At first glance renting or buying a modular building or portable classroom may seem like a fairy simple task - find a modular supplier, place an order and have the structure delivered to your business or school...right? Having sold modular buildings for more than twenty years I can tell you that this task is rarely simple and it requires plenty of help from the supplier you select...so choose wisely and spend carefully!

Here are some tips to help your modular building buying experience be as smooth and affordable as possible.

Jun 6, 2013

Modular Construction is Green Building

Green Modular Building introduction video

Modular buildings have always had green building aspects - built indoors, reduction of material transportation, less site labor and control over quality along each step of construction. This video shows just how far modular construction has come in the last decade.

Visit Modular building has graduated into green building on our green building blog www.iBuildgreen.com.

Jun 4, 2013

Modular building installation in an L shape...

Help with modular building.
Modular Building Installation

What you need to know about custom modular building installation 

The owner of a daycare center asked me this question not to long ago and when I answered "Yes" I could sense his relief. Whenever I speak with someone interested in renting or buying a modular building or portable classroom trailer one of my first questions is "do you have property or space available and if so, are there any obstacles such as landscaping or other structures that an installation crew will need to work around?"

In most cases the business or school I'm helping has enough property available to install a 24' x 60' or 36' x 60' modular building with plenty of room for trucks to deliver the modules and for a crew to position the building with a handicap ramp and steps. However, in some cases space is either difficult to access (obstacles like other buildings or large trees are in the way) or the available space is in a strange configuration (an L or U shape for example), which has to be worked around in a modular building installation. When site obstacles exist most modular building suppliers will have a sensible solution that can be implemented with some additional time and creative "positioning" by the installation crew.

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