Jul 9, 2014

5 Questions To Answer Before Buying a Prefabricated Modular Daycare Building

Prebaricated modular daycare and classroom buildings.
Prefabricated Modular Building

Top 5 Questions for Buying a Prefabricated Modular Building

When young families start moving into a new housing community the demand for local daycare services increases immediately – especially if both parents work and a full time nanny (or grandparent) is not an option. This is why a prefabricated modular building and a portable classroom are used by daycare center operators throughout the United States as a fast and effective way to provide safe and secure learning spaces where and when demand peaks.

If you manage a daycare business and are considering using a prefabricated modular building to open a new location or expand into a growing community there are 5 top level questions that need to be answered before you agree to buy or rent a modular. These questions are:

1. Design – what is the ideal floor plan for your new childcare center? Consider everything from the amount of occupants you want to accommodate to what your licensing requirements are. Have a good idea of the exterior finishes, interior finishes, layout, window and door locations and technology needs.

2. Property – do you have an available location that will accommodate the amount of square footage you need and the infrastructure to support the new center? What needs to be accomplished in order to make the property ready for opening the center?

3. Permits and Licensing – what local building and safety requirements will need to be met in order to obtain permits and have permission to open your center? What state and federal licensing will you need to obtain before opening the new center?

4. Schedule – when do you need to be open for business? Using a prefab modular can be rapid when compared to conventional construction but the suppliers do need time to complete the job correctly and on time. Rushed schedules typically create problems in any construction environment.

5. Budget – what can you afford and what is the best method of paying for the project? For example, do you need to buy or lease the property? Are you open to financing the prefab building? Can you afford to pay for all of the one-time property development, utility, delivery and installation costs? *This page will help you get budgetary numbers for a prefab modular daycare center.

May 29, 2014

Green Modular School Buildings Gain Popularity

Info for school planers- Green Modular School as an option

This is a very good example of how modular building can create truly sustainable learning environments for students and interesting teaching environments for instructors. Modular building has graduated from being a fast and temporary solution for schools to solve space problems to a widely accepted method of building smart, green and affordable school facilities that have less environmental impact and more educational benefits.

If you are a school planner, facility manager, architect or administrator have a look at this case study video and consider green modular school for your next permanent construction project, daycare center or even church facility. Keep in mind that modular building can be as sophisticated as your budget can afford - it's no longer a temporary solution for school housing. Interior and exterior features can be specified to your exact needs, eco-friendly materials can be used for every aspect of construction and smart technologies can be implemented to operate one or several modular classrooms on your campus.

May 27, 2014

How to save on Modular Classroom rental prices

Finding the lowest price for a modular classroom
Modular Classroom Rental

Tips and Tricks for saving on Modular Classroom Rental costs

When a school, church or daycare program needs more classroom space one of the best solutions can be modular classroom rental. These prefabricated structures can come in handy if an immediate need for classroom space occurs or if a more long term situation requires housing students and teachers for a prolonged period of time. While modular classrooms are a sensible and rapid solution to solving education space requirements the costs involved to mobilize one or multiple "prefabs" may present a new set of problems for your budget.

The costs to produce any product in the United States is on the rise and modular classrooms manufacturers are feeling the financial pinch in a big way. Labor, materials, administrative expense, transportation and a long list of other essential items all add up and the finished product - in this case a modular classroom - has a mountain of costs before it can be sold or rented. Traditionally a modular classroom was viewed as a fast and economical solution for school space needs but the "economical" part of this perspective may be changing.

Apr 28, 2014

Used Modular Classroom Pricing

Always get 3 prices for a used modular classroom
Used Modular Classroom

What is the pricing for a Used Modular Classroom

This is the most popular time of the year for schools, colleges, daycare programs and churches to inquire about the price to rent or buy a used modular classroom and suppliers are gearing up for the busy season. Here is the most important tip I can share with you if you are ready to compare prices and find the best value for a modular or portable classroom trailer in anywhere in the U.S. or Canada:

1. Always get multiple prices and compare every option! I've spent twenty-four years in the modular building business and you would be suprised how many people don't get at least 3 prices from suppliers and negotiate the best price, terms and conditions. This can save thousands of dollars and help you find the ideal supplier that can not only meet your budget, but can help you complete the task of mobilizing students and teachers into trailers as smoothly as possible.

If you are searching for price quotes and are investigating your used modular classroom trailer options I suggest using my modular building and portable classroom price locator form. This will quickly send your request to certified suppliers who will compete for your business immediately.

Hope this tip helps!


Apr 16, 2014

Modular Building Rental

Need a quick office or classroom space? Look in to Modular Building Rental

As spring rolls into most of the United States so does the need for more office or classroom space for many businesses, schools and churches. This is also the time that many people start searching for a modular building or portable classroom rental at an affordable price.

Are you one of these people? If you are looking for additional space and have concluded that a modular building is your best option here are a few suggestions that will make the task of renting a modular much easier than playing a guessing game.

1. First and foremost - will your local building and safety department allow you to place a modular building or portable classroom on your property? If you can't answer this question your first step should be to either call your Building and Safety department (call your City Hall, Fire Department or look this up on the web) or employ the services of an architect or engineer to handle this process for you.

 2. Know how much space you need and where it will be located on your property. Ask your staff how many people or students will need to have space and if bathrooms or other features are needed/required by law inside the modular building. Also, know what floor plan will be the best for your business or school space.

3. When will you need to occupy the modular building and for how long? This is pretty straight forward and will definitely effect the rental prices quoted to you by suppliers.

Feb 10, 2014

BigSteelBox Structures - All Steel Modular Buildings

A great video abut modular buildings from BigSteelBox Structures

This is a good example of how modular building and steel containers come together to create fast and effective work, classroom and living spaces. These BigSteelBox prefabricated structures are easy and cost effective to transport, durable and can be customized to meet specific interior and exterior design needs.

Find a used or new modular building at the best price today! This post was approved by the Senior Editor of www.imodular.com,

Jan 31, 2014

Is Modular Building a Good Fit for a Hospital?

Hospital Modular Building, is it a good idea?

This is a popular question especially when an Architect has been commissioned to design any type of a medical facility. I could write for quite a while about the reasons why modular construction  is a good alternative - but that would defeat the purpose of this quick and informative blog post so below are some bullet points and a link to a recent article about modular hospital construction. Hopefully this information will help you answer some questions and connect with the right people if you are investigating modular building for a medical type facility.

A few reasons why modular construction works for medical facilities:

1. Modular building manufacturers have advanced technologies for building specialized structures and a wide range of hands-on experience building state of the art medical facilities for public and private owners.

2. Modular builders are able to build according to the stringent codes required for medical facilities and use the specialized building materials needed for everything from outpatient care to MRI facilities.

3. Architects and engineers that specialize in medical facility design have embraced modular building and have learned to adapt their designs to the "module" style of prefabricated components used to build medical facilities.

Here is a recent article about a modular builder that has been awarded a 28,000 square foot project at Stanford Hospital in California.

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Jan 19, 2014

Best Questions to Ask Before You Buy or Rent a Modular Building

Most common questions when buying or renting a Modular Building

If you are a first time buyer or "renter" of a modular building or portable classroom this post will help you save your company or school time and money when dealing with the modular suppliers in your city. If you are not familiar with your local suppliers or don't have time to search for them you can always use my free modular building price request form and send your request to multiple suppliers who will compete for your business

When you speak with suppliers be sure to request their best price for the following items:

1. Rental price per month plus any tax or license fee.
2. The price to deliver and install the modular building.
3. The price to knock it down and return delivery.
4. The cost to rent a set of steps or a handicap ramp for access if required.

*Remember to ask about hidden fees such as cleaning, insurance and maintenance.

If you have any questions you can always leave them below as a comment.

How Much Does a Modular Building Cost to Rent or Lease?

What are the terms of Modular Building Lease or Rent?

The absolute best way to find out how much a modular building will cost to lease is to contact at least three local suppliers and ask them for rental price quotes. Most of my clients use this free modular building price quote form I created. This form takes a few minutes to complete and your request is sent automatically to the best and most competitive suppliers in your area.

When you speak with suppliers be sure to request their best price for the following items:

1. Rental price per month plus any tax or license fee.
2. The price to deliver and install the modular building.
3. The price to knock it down and return delivery.
4. The cost to rent a set of steps or a handicap ramp for access if required.

*Remember to ask about hidden fees such as cleaning, insurance and maintenance.

If you have any questions you can always leave them below as a comment.

Jan 13, 2014

Eliminate Risks - Rent a Modular Building

Portable classroom, modular office trailer
Rent Modular Building

Get the most flexibility- Rent a Modular Building

If your business, school or church has an immediate need for space renting a modular building may be your only option. Why? When a sudden need for office or classroom space occurs most business owners and facility managers have few options and the most logical options come with the following ramifications:

Option #1. Utilize existing space within a building or somewhere else on campus: This seems like a logical option if space is available but in many cases using existing space causes disruption, distraction and presents a challenge for issues such as safety, security and handicap access.

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