Apr 16, 2014

Modular Building Rental

Need a quick office or classroom space? Look in to Modular Building Rental

As spring rolls into most of the United States so does the need for more office or classroom space for many businesses, schools and churches. This is also the time that many people start searching for a modular building or portable classroom rental at an affordable price.

Are you one of these people? If you are looking for additional space and have concluded that a modular building is your best option here are a few suggestions that will make the task of renting a modular much easier than playing a guessing game.

1. First and foremost - will your local building and safety department allow you to place a modular building or portable classroom on your property? If you can't answer this question your first step should be to either call your Building and Safety department (call your City Hall, Fire Department or look this up on the web) or employ the services of an architect or engineer to handle this process for you.

 2. Know how much space you need and where it will be located on your property. Ask your staff how many people or students will need to have space and if bathrooms or other features are needed/required by law inside the modular building. Also, know what floor plan will be the best for your business or school space.

3. When will you need to occupy the modular building and for how long? This is pretty straight forward and will definitely effect the rental prices quoted to you by suppliers.

4. What is your budget? How much can you afford per month for the modular building rental and how much cash are you able to pay for delivery, installation and items like a handicap ramp and steps for access into the modular. Here is my suggestion for getting the best prices to rent from approved local suppliers.

* Also keep in mind that you may need additional site work if your Building and Safety or Fire Department require things such as set backs from existing structures, additional parking, emergency access, etc. - all of which will require funds to cover the work and applicable fees.

I hope this quick post helps make your work a bit easier. If you would like to ask me additional questions feel free to call me directly at (714) 442-2757 extension 502. Find a used or new modular building at the best price today! This post was approved by the Senior Editor of www.imodular.com,

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