May 29, 2014

Green Modular School Buildings Gain Popularity

Info for school planers- Green Modular School as an option

This is a very good example of how modular building can create truly sustainable learning environments for students and interesting teaching environments for instructors. Modular building has graduated from being a fast and temporary solution for schools to solve space problems to a widely accepted method of building smart, green and affordable school facilities that have less environmental impact and more educational benefits.

If you are a school planner, facility manager, architect or administrator have a look at this case study video and consider green modular school for your next permanent construction project, daycare center or even church facility. Keep in mind that modular building can be as sophisticated as your budget can afford - it's no longer a temporary solution for school housing. Interior and exterior features can be specified to your exact needs, eco-friendly materials can be used for every aspect of construction and smart technologies can be implemented to operate one or several modular classrooms on your campus.

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