Jan 13, 2014

Eliminate Risks - Rent a Modular Building

Portable classroom, modular office trailer
Rent Modular Building

Get the most flexibility- Rent a Modular Building

If your business, school or church has an immediate need for space renting a modular building may be your only option. Why? When a sudden need for office or classroom space occurs most business owners and facility managers have few options and the most logical options come with the following ramifications:

Option #1. Utilize existing space within a building or somewhere else on campus: This seems like a logical option if space is available but in many cases using existing space causes disruption, distraction and presents a challenge for issues such as safety, security and handicap access.

Option #2. Lease office space off site: This option can be very costly when you consider finding the right amount of space for the time you need it. Also consider renting furnishings, handling transportation, safety and security.

So why is a modular building or portable classroom the best option in most cases? If open space is available on your campus - let's say in a parking lot or an athletic field and there is enough room for a temporary structure - you can install a rented modular building within weeks of your need and avoid all of the problems I just outlined. Here are some helpful facts:

1. Modular buildings and portable classrooms are readily available in various sizes and configurations. Here is a helpful online contact form to request prices from up to four local modular building companies.

2. You can rent or lease a modular building for sort or long term needs.

3. In most cases a modular building or classroom can be delivered and installed within a week of your agreement with the supplier.

4. Permits, utility connections, access stairs, a handicap ramp and furnishings can all be arranged with a single point of contact at the modular building company.

5. When you are finished with the temporary space it can be removed quickly and easily.

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