Jan 19, 2014

How Much Does a Modular Building Cost to Rent or Lease?

What are the terms of Modular Building Lease or Rent?

The absolute best way to find out how much a modular building will cost to lease is to contact at least three local suppliers and ask them for rental price quotes. Most of my clients use this free modular building price quote form I created. This form takes a few minutes to complete and your request is sent automatically to the best and most competitive suppliers in your area.

When you speak with suppliers be sure to request their best price for the following items:

1. Rental price per month plus any tax or license fee.
2. The price to deliver and install the modular building.
3. The price to knock it down and return delivery.
4. The cost to rent a set of steps or a handicap ramp for access if required.

*Remember to ask about hidden fees such as cleaning, insurance and maintenance.

If you have any questions you can always leave them below as a comment.

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