Jan 31, 2014

Is Modular Building a Good Fit for a Hospital?

Hospital Modular Building, is it a good idea?

This is a popular question especially when an Architect has been commissioned to design any type of a medical facility. I could write for quite a while about the reasons why modular construction  is a good alternative - but that would defeat the purpose of this quick and informative blog post so below are some bullet points and a link to a recent article about modular hospital construction. Hopefully this information will help you answer some questions and connect with the right people if you are investigating modular building for a medical type facility.

A few reasons why modular construction works for medical facilities:

1. Modular building manufacturers have advanced technologies for building specialized structures and a wide range of hands-on experience building state of the art medical facilities for public and private owners.

2. Modular builders are able to build according to the stringent codes required for medical facilities and use the specialized building materials needed for everything from outpatient care to MRI facilities.

3. Architects and engineers that specialize in medical facility design have embraced modular building and have learned to adapt their designs to the "module" style of prefabricated components used to build medical facilities.

Here is a recent article about a modular builder that has been awarded a 28,000 square foot project at Stanford Hospital in California.

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