Jun 16, 2013

Modular Building Supplier - Choose Wisely, Spend Carefully

Modular building supplier - purchase and installation
A quality modular building supplier 
will help you with every step from
purchase to installation.

How do you choose the right modular building supplier?

At first glance renting or buying a modular building or portable classroom may seem like a fairy simple task - find a modular supplier, place an order and have the structure delivered to your business or school...right? Having sold modular buildings for more than twenty years I can tell you that this task is rarely simple and it requires plenty of help from the supplier you select...so choose wisely and spend carefully!

Here are some tips to help your modular building buying experience be as smooth and affordable as possible.

1. Find at least 3 local suppliers to speak with about your modular space need. This gives you access to more floor plan options and competitive prices to rent or buy a small, medium or large modular building.

2. Do you have a permit to use a modular building? If you need help with a modular building permit any quality supplier will guide you through the process or refer you to an architect or planner who can assist. If the supplier can't help with permits you may want to consider another company.

3. Site visits are important! If you are installing a modular building on a school, church or business property ask each supplier to visit the location before providing any price quotations. Unexpected obstacles such as existing buildings, landscaping and poor grading need to be discussed and factored into your price. Without a site visit the possibility of extra or hidden charges is very real.

4. Is the modular building available when you need it? Be sure that the supplier is able to meet your exact space needs according to your business or school's schedule. If you are in the market for a used modular building speaking with more suppliers increases your chances of finding what you need when you need it. If you are going to order a new modular building be sure that the supplier and manufacturer can commit to your delivery schedule - you may even want to make a delivery and installation schedule part of the contract.

5. Contracts are never the same. Be sure to compare the rental or sales agreements you receive from suppliers. Look for anything that will cost you unexpected money or loss of valuable time. For example:
a. What is the minimum rental/lease term and what happens if you terminate the agreement early or late? 
b. What are the delivery, installation, removal and return delivery charges? Are these charges susceptible to increases over the period of the rental?
c. What are the costs for a handicap ramp or aluminum access stairs? What are the costs for delivery, installation, knock down and removal of the accessibility products?
d. Are there charges for maintenance, cleaning, repairs during and after the rental period?
e. If you are buying a new modular building are the delivery and installation dates firm?
f. What is the warranty for a new modular building vs. used?
g. Are there any license fees, registration fees or other?

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I hope this blog post saves you plenty of time and money if you are in the market for a modular building. You can always call me directly if you have any questions or concerns before you buy or rent. Happy "Smart"shopping.

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  1. This article came as a result of helping a daycare center owner in Austin, Texas find a modular building supplier that was very helpful and fair with prices and payment terms. Hope my points help if you are searching for any type of modular building, portable classroom, mobile office trailer, etc.


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