Mar 12, 2017

About Using a Modular Building for a Bank

Modular buildings can be manufactured as banks and credit unions.
Modular building used as a bank branch office.

Can a bank use a modular building?

We get phone calls from banks every year and they always ask the same question..."Can we use a modular building as a branch office and are they secure structures for banking?"

Here are some facts to consider if using a modular building or other prefabricated structure is in your future. Modular buildings can be manufactured specifically for use as permanent or temporary banks or credit unions and installed in parking lots, empty properties or even used as additions to existing structures. Modular builders are typically well versed in meeting the special requirements for construction and installation of banking centers - particularly when it comes to security in a retail setting. You can request information through our online price quote form and talk to experienced modular bank builders today if you have immediate questions or want prices.

Here are some of the design features that can be incorporated into a modular bank to meet security and customer service needs:
  • Concrete and steel floor systems and foundations to support heavy floor loads and security
  • Upgraded wall, roof, window and door systems
  • Specialized bullet resistant glass for Teller stations and drive up window
  • Alarm systems and CCTV
  • Heating and cooling systems with automated controls
  • Interior Teller stations
  • Specialized built-in counters and steel drawers
  • Custom interior and exterior finishes
  • Private offices and bathrooms
  • Store front and revolving doors with automated security 
  • Handicap access ramps and stairs with covered walkways
  • Covered drive through stations with ATM and banking machinery
I hope this helps if you are searching for modular banking facilities for expansion or emergency planning purposes. If you want to chat feel free to call me - Matt Banes at (800) 806-7485 for some helpful and free advice.

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  1. Modulars make great banks on military bases also.

  2. Yes they do. Large military bases use modular buildings for banks, offices, retail, and even housing. Thanks

  3. We have had a large number of inquiries from Banks looking for modular bank buildings in 2013. Seems as if this is a trend and from what we are being told our service is extremely helpful for this sort of specialty structure.

  4. I just updated this article about using a modular building for a bank or credit union. I field a few calls a year from bank representatives who are developing emergency plans in the event of an immediate need to relocate and open a branch office. Modular buildings are a good option if a natural disaster or emergency situation arises.


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