Aug 10, 2012

New or Used Modular Building?

Should you get a New or a Used Modular building?

We get this question a lot.."is it better to buy a new modular building or a used one?" Here's our advice.

Modular building suppliers typically have used modular buildings in stock and available "as is" or you can request floor plan modifications to meet your specific space needs. This is the less expensive option as long as you are comfortable with the square footage, condition, warranty and price. This option will also save you time. Used modular buildings can last a long time if they have been maintained properly so ask the sales person about the service history of the modular before you buy.

If you prefer having a new modular building most suppliers will work with you to design a new structure complete with the finishes and specifications you need for your business, school or church. This option gives you some helpful flexibility with the specifications compared to a used modular building and the warranty will cover a lot more. Obviously "building new" is more time consuming and expensive as well.

Prices for used and new modular buildings, modular classrooms and prefab structures.
New or Used Modular Building
I suggest using the free Buyer Price Request page. The online form takes 2 minutes to complete and local suppliers will call you with prices and answers to your specific modular building questions the same day.

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  1. Keep in mind that it may be time to replace your current modular building if it has been used for several years and needs a lot of maintenance. Some modular suppliers will work out a trade in or swap arrangement if you are a long term renter.


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