Aug 27, 2017

Classroom Trailer Prices

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What are the most common Classroom Trailer Prices?

Classroom trailers can come in handy when your school enrollment has increased beyond your available classroom space or if you need to accommodate students during new construction or renovation. In either case, selecting the appropriate classroom trailer models and negotiating the best possible rental rates are two important steps that can make your students and teachers transition into temporary space go smoothly or not. Here are some helpful guidelines and tips if you are planning to use one or multiple trailers this school year:

The most typical classroom trailer sizes are:

24' x 40' (960 square feet)
24' x 60' (1,440 square feet)
36' x 60' (2,160 square feet)

Although these sizes are the most common several other sizes are readily available for quick delivery and installation. Classroom trailers can be equipped with bathrooms, partition walls, kitchen areas and any other features that are required for your program. Door and window locations can be customized or you can choose from existing models to save time and money getting the space you need in place and opened for learning.

Pricing options:

Used and new classroom trailers can be rented or purchased outright and the prices vary based on the length of your rental period, whether you are shopping for a new or used model, and the quantity of trailers you need to meet your space requirements. In addition to the rent or purchase price be prepared to pay for additional items such as delivery, installation, handicap ramps and access stairs and any other features that you need to open the doors to your classrooms. The best way to get competitive prices and select a classroom trailer provider is to use this price request quote form below:

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