Oct 26, 2012

Finding Discounted Modular Buildings in Maryland

In search for a Modular Building in Maryland?

Finding the right modular building or portable classroom unit at a fair or even super discounted price can be time consuming and frustrating - but it's very possible. The best advice we can give is to know what size structure you need, how you want the space laid out, when you need to occupy and for how long you want to rent or if you want to buy the building. Once you have this information talk to your local building and safety department about obtaining "use" permits and then contact suppliers and always negotiate prices.

Here are a few helpful tips if you are searching for space in Baltimore and throughout the state of Maryland:

Reputable suppliers with local offices and large inventories of used modular buildings in Baltimore and other cities in Maryland:

1. Williams Scotsman
2. ModSpace
3. Modular Genius
4. Acton Mobile

TIP FOR SAVING $100's OF DOLLARS - To find the best deal on a used modular building, get prices, pictures and other helpful information from suppliers specializing in Maryland try one of these online request forms:

iModular.comMaryland and Nationwide Used Modular Building Price Request
Buyausedmodularbuilding.comMaryland Price Request

Other places to buy a used modular building:

1. Local school district or private school
2. Local church
3. Large construction company /contractor
4. Craigs List, EBay, iModular.com

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  1. Brian ApplegateNovember 19, 2012

    it worked...i got three prices to rent a modular and two of the companies I had never talked to before.

  2. Thanks Brian....appreciate the comment.



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