Apr 29, 2012

Used Modular Buildings in New Jersey

Looking for Modular Buildings in New Jersey? 

"I am in charge of purchasing for a large contractor and am in need of several modular buildings for a project in Southern New Jersey. I need construction management offices, meeting rooms and bathrooms. How can I get the best rental rate and the floor plans I need?"

Thanks - Steve Hargrove

Steve.....Try using iModular.com. It's a fast way to place your request for modular buildings with suppliers in New Jersey that can meet your temporary space needs. The suppliers that will receive your request within minutes of your submission have modular buildings in various sizes - some with bathrooms, conference rooms and private offices. The web site helps people like you save time and money by connecting you with suppliers who are interested in earning your business.

Let me know if you have any questions or need assistance.

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  1. We have helped hundreds of contractors in New Jersey, Maryland, New York and Delaware find office trailers and storage containers for construction projects.


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