Jul 28, 2011

Texas Modular Buildings Rentals

Texas Modular Buildings

Info about Texas Modular Buildings

I used iModular.com to get the best possible price and quickest delivery time for a modular school building in Dallas, Texas......and am very happy with the outcome. I leased a 48'x60' modular building for five years and got the layout and finishes exactly how I wanted them. I requested some minor changes like paint color and new carpet and got them for a one time fee.....which is understandable.

I completed the price request form and three suppliers in the Dallas area contacted me with questions and prices.  I didn't care for the amount of mail I received from other companies but in the long run it all worked out to benefit my daycare program.

Here is the link to the price quote request form on iModular. I highly recommend using it if you are looking for  a Texas modular buildings.

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