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Here are the most common types of modular buildings and prefabricated structures along with typical price ranges to rent or buy. These are estimated ranges that may vary from state to state and are dependent upon the type of modular building or modular classroom you need. So for a firm price quote use our Local Supplier Price Quote Request.

Typical uses for temporary or permanent modular buildings:
  • Classroom - Preschool, K-12, college and university
  • Office and administrative space
  • Daycare center, after school center
  • Church
  • Construction management office
  • Real estate sales office
  • Retail sales - automobile, boat, equipment
  • Special event office
  • Golf course club house or pro shop
  • Lunch room, locker room
  • Bathroom and shower trailers
Prices to rent or buy a used or new a modular building vary. Here are some basic estimates for planing and budgeting purposes:
  • Small modular buildings ranging from 24' x 40' to 24' x 60' (960 square feet to 1,440 square feet) with basic amenities such as heat, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical should range from $400.00 to $1,200.00 per month to rent. Prices for used or new models vary. To receive quick estimates from local suppliers for small modular buildings try our free price request tool.

  • Medium sized modular buildings ranging from 36' x 60' to 60' x 60' (2,160 square feet to 3,600 square feet) with basic amenities such as heat, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical should range from $1,200.00 per month to $2,000.00 to rent.  To receive quick estimates from local suppliers for mid sized modular buildings try our free price request tool.

  • Large modular building complexes ranging from 72' x 60' single story to multiple story custom modular buildings range from $2,800.00 per month up and purchase prices are based on the size and scope of the project. To receive quick estimates from local suppliers for large modular buildings try our free price request tool.

Important! Don't forget these "other costs" that are not included in the rental or purchase price of a modular building or classroom:
  • Permits and Utilities. Always factor in the cost of obtaining the required permits and for all utility work including connecting your structure to existing or new utilities. Check with your local building and safety department and your modular building supplier for estimates.

  • Delivery/ Return Delivery. Suppliers and manufacturers have got to deliver each section of a modular building to your site and return them whenever you are done using the building. These costs can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand depending upon the number of modules, distance and ease of access to the site.

  • Installation/Removal. After delivery and before return delivery each module needs to be set into place and or removed from the foundation. This involves installing a foundation, setting or removing the modules, interconnecting/disconnecting the modules and utilities, weatherproofing and interior finishing. These costs will range from a thousand dollars up depending upon the size of the modular and scope of work.

  • Access (Installation and removal of handicap access ramp, stairs, walkways). Depending upon your needs access is a must and you have several options including renting steps and ramps, paying to have them custom built, paying for installation and removal.


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